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Facebook blocks perverts from graph searching for kids -
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Finally, a Facebook privacy update that is positive.
I think Graph Search seems cool. I hope they roll it out to more users soon! I would like to try it out for myself.
I wondering high government officials who are pedophiles are bared from cruising for minors at FB now.
I have it and its really helpful 
yeah like this will stop the stalking,

this is the equivalent to putting a twig in the air and saying you've stop the sun from shining,

I've been using it for a couple of days,and it can be scary. It can bring up some of those "likes" you did while ago and forgot about and for which you might not be too happy about in retrospect, or learn some surprising things about your friends...
+Kevin Harris that sounds like a double standard you want then to get rid of it yet you don't use it to begin with.
Isaiah PEz if only I had your optimism my brother. 
At they way american society is going cheating / creeper goverment officials are being exposed year by year 
I think the idea of Graph search Is to be for things like you want to have a event but you are not sure what friends will be right to invite so you graph search said topic and see who are fans of it.
Facebook can't block every perv, or they'd have to block about 350,000,000 people.
Are kids blocked from graph searching for perverts?
hope this helps but I doubt it..
+Dricks Lim the dollar thing makes sense if your so important to the person then they will make you a friend if not then they are forcing you to pay Facebook for wasting their time 
the fact is, kids are signing up when the t&cs state 13. FB knows this and doesn't care. anyway good step...
What constitutes a pervert in their eyes? Do they wing it?
It's an algorithm. Read the damned story.
No I refuse to read the story about Facebook and perverts and kids and government officials and stalkers, yada yada yada. This is Google+.
This is a good start bur Facebook needs to do more to stop the pedophiles that already have Facebook accounts in order to exploit children 
HA! Yeah, with all of he other financial targets that have yet to be made totally secure, I am sure that facebook's perv blocker is gonna protect your twelve year old. Best protection, get your kid off of facebook!
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