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you guys should really not use that hashtag, it's really for applicants not for spamming your link +TechCrunch 
Looking forward to seeing what Glass has to offer -- Google's secrecy campaign is reminding us of Apple! :)
I am not sure how close this is to being real, but it does change the whole meaning of interfaces, interaction and experience. If this were a  ubiquitous service that you could call up on any surfec, why just glass, then you could project and see through.
yes, US only is disappointing!
bish s
really? "glassholes"? assholes! >:/
Not for me Ill take the second gen model 
With Google Now and Glass (on top of Maps, Navigation, etc), Google is expanding its innovation lead over Apple dramatically.
+Vance McAlister why oh why does everything have to be framed in a 'this-company versus that-company' framework? Just let them do their things! =-)
+Kevin Patton  because, for good or ill, these are the two platforms that are out there pushing each other to innovate.  This competition is good for all of us as consumers, so we need Apple to step it up and start innovating again to keep Google from getting stale.
But google only competes with apple in Mobile OS 
+Leslie Johnson For now, yes, and that is where we need Apple to step it up.  For their own sake as well, since mobile makes up a very large portion of their revenue.  
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