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Facebook adds voice messaging to Messenger for iOS and Android, tests open source VoIP in Canada -
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This will be great though I'm guessing the VOIP is more limited if you can only talk to friends and not have full dial out access to any phone number.
Ace E
Misread the description. It's not voice call but voice message. Hmm... There might be some use to it. Like the good old voice mail. 
It'll be interesting to see if they bring something like Google Voice to the world before Google can get it outside of the US. 
FB is quickly stealing the march on Google. 
I agree +Darryl Wright and +Petr Faitl. I saw this coming for FB. Still wondering what's taking Google what appears to be forever to get Google Voice to work in the UK for instance.
If that phone was running Android instead of iOS, their Google Maps would have be working perfectly, and directed them to the restaurant... IJS :-\ 
+Paul Plate it is actually quite simple. FB is one of the largest actively managed directories. Yes it doesn't have all people in the world or all your friends/acquaintances, but it is pretty close. The information we keep about ourselves is pretty much lept up-to-date, as each user is in charge of only one bit of info. By that definition, if you need to contact somebody you know, you're running a good chance that your message will find them. Now with phone number integration your chances are exponentially higher still.

I hear you ask why not use SMS instead. Well, SMS works well on phones but not very well on tablets, computers etc.

Due to poor cell signal in my house, I use FB messaging as a replacement to SMS now, as wifi is no problem.
Interesting... Definitely see this growing in 2013!
Ive worked with voice mail and multimedia messaging systems since forever and I'm here to tell you no one will want to use this except as a fad / gimmick. You could always do this with your voice mail service, ever actually use it ?... NO! Also I don't see the VoIP here, its not real time conversation. You are basically recording a .wav file. In the example there are many ways to send directions to someone that would
be better. I call BS.
Used the voice message just today whilst driving and found it more convenient than voice dictation.
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