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No Facebook account required: Facebook Messenger for Android lets you sign up with just a phone number -
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if you can't buy WhatsApp, compete with them instead?
Yay! Looks like WhatsApp is still safe!
+Oliver Sisson it's okay to use other tech. You should experiment you might like you what you find ;)
Like +Kendrick Ho said.  Do not entrust your private conversations to Facebook.  Avoid this like the plague...
Erik H.
Amen, +Freeman Ian. Every piece of tech does  something that no other piece of tech can.
Google+ messenger is just as good as whatsapp... minus the plethera of emoticons... Definitely glad FB wasn't able to aquire Whatsapp, though.
Oliver Sisson...nn also nobady care about..ur fuckin android....W8 rockz
Great move from Facebook to increase its user DB, and messenger usability... And also to drop +WhatsApp price now when they are trying to buy it. Whit this they could have a good discount!
+Jeremy McGill G+ messenger sucks.  Good luck sending a message or picture with crappy signal.  +Jens Becker is hike out on android?  Having trouble finding it.  How's it better than whatsapp?
Oh s**t, no! More "accidental" sign up. That's not right. No thanks, cheatin' sneakin' Facebook. Thanks for digital crack, social network pimping Mark Z.
Couldn't someone with ur phone number just access it??
Thanks +Jens Becker it does have some serious flaws. It's really easy to spoof another user in whatsapp.  I'll check this out, thanks.  +Jeremy McGill I like it too but I eventually had to give up due to my crappy cell signal and it always telling me my message wouldn't go through.
Come on G+... Step up your messenger game!!
Ive always used gtalk but Google's multiple messaging options is very confusing and needs addressing.
Seems they made it a lot easier for all. 
Well arent there rumors of them buying Whatsapp? 
Unfortunately it's still as slow as heck.
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