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Gift Guide: HTC One X+
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I hate this phone. Literally everything about this phone sucks.
This phone should be on Verizon
Shame that sense is one of the most horrible looking skins on the market. 
This phone is the best ( after my rooted htc evo 4g lte) 
No idea why people still buy non-nexus devices. 
+Mikel Sigler nexus devices = AOSP. The picture quality on AOSP sucks ass compared to devices that have layovers from HTC, Samsung or Motorola.
Or the fact that the galaxy nexus on Verizon sucked and didn't get another nexus 
I also have one and I'm still loving it. It's an amazing phone. I use to have a Gnex before I switched to At&t. I miss vanilla 4.1/4.2 jellybean but this phone is more than enough to keep me content
What?? It's too expensive for me, it will be a gift??
+Mikel Sigler After two years with Nexus (NS4G sprint, Gnex VZW) I'm forced to look elsewhere. Since I'm an active person who enjoys all sorts of outdoors, I need; No glass housings, the best reception possible (not LTE, wait LTE, not working, wait working) in the middle of the woods or field VZW is the best, I've tried the others. The ability to swap battery's. And expandable storage. Two minutes of consideration and you will realize hike in, hike out, camping. A day snowmobiling, snowshoeing, four wheeling, or numerous other activities in the back woods demands a versatile device. The new Nexus four isn't! That's why everyone isn't using Nexus devices.
i really like this! hope to have that phone this christmas as a gift :)
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