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FCC documents reveal a smaller, more powerful Apple TV is coming soon -
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S Mann
Hmmmm weird.
I imagined it a bit longer and thinner.
I don't see where the power is located in this diagram...  All I see is dimensions and an Apple logo, which indicates failure, in my opinion.
But the S Malik dude is right
Hobby or not, we use our Apple TV every day. Airplay is such a killer feature. 
Using a A5. The next gen Apple TV that competes with services like Netflix or Hulu is not there yet apparently.
If Apple can make a tv device that rocks, I'm in, regardless of my feelings on their other products.

People not wanting commitment and prices of cable could be instant customers if its worth the investment on our end.
Y Jang
So iTV was bluffing..dude..
Just bought ATV3. Best money ever spent on. I can't believe how Apple could make it so cheap? Using iMediashare, you can stream your movies or even clips from Youtube via AirPlay to your tv. Oh wait, did I mentioned iMediashare is an android app? Yup. I don't need to buy specific expensive HDTV to play my videos wirelessly like Samsung's or Sony's. They should instead make similar small AppleTV-like device that enables whatever TV you are currently using, not pushing you the "you don't like this TV specifically but you need it if you want this feature"-based-expensive HDTVs.
This better not be the one they add apps to...
I like the puck size a lot and it looks good too. I remember it only supporting 1-2 video formats. That was a deal breaker for me. 
Yeah,, Apple should now concentrate on TV because mobile is turning in to a big failure. 
I have an Apple TV 3. I like it it's really good and its 1080p, but I bought it expecting it'd get jailbroken and I could install XBMC on it. Still waiting :(
Do TC do any non-Apple posts on G+ ? I seem to be missing those. 
I get my daily android fix on other sources, so... maybe?
My Apple TV 3 does fantastic things. Push-posh to all you haters. Why not try enjoying what you have c
Who cares, so what Apple TV is going to do differently with watching TV that we don't get, with the TV we have right now. 
APPLE TV have saved me lot of time... i was TV-less for a long time since IPAD and APPLE TV :)
L am
+Osman Nuhu its different, you'll need latest iTune and next gen iPhone and the new new newest iPad to control and watch TV.
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