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Fitbit Reveals The $99 Flex Activity Tracking Wristband
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The only thing I don't like is that I can't see my steps unless i look at my phone.  I love that I can grab my fitbit and see how I'm doing...  Other than that, its great that is it waterproof!  :)
How sad is the world we live in that we have to now buy things to check that we aren't packing on the pound. Look in the mirror and if the scale and mirror don't lie, eat less and exercise. The people these gadgets are meant for will NEVER buy or fully use them anyway. The fit & healthy will remain that way with or without them. Take note of the ads, slim people advertising them. If they are slim, why buy one as you are doing the right things anyway. 
Some people just like a little validation. Is your life so boring and superficial that you have to attack anyone that would buy a product to help them get healthy? I would also like to point out that I know plenty of slim people who are far from healthy.. you shouldn't generalize when clearly you have the depth of a puddle.
+Teresa Sidener firstly I would love to know how purchasing a wrist monitor is going to make you healthy? It's about what you consume and how you burn it off. Secondly, when you climb off your high horse and read what I was saying and don't take offence to it because of your guilt, you might just read that I was implying that it is more a gimmick than a health product. I was never saying you or anyone who purchases the device is stupid but stating a fact in that for those who are slim, will be so weather they are healthy or not but body mass IS a sign of health. If yo have issue, throw the device in your cupboard, get on your bike, into a pair of trainers or swim or whatever else WILL make you lose weight and stop jumping to conclusions and don't blame me for your guilt darling. 
Ed Chi
The use of "darling" in your last sentence strike me as condescending.

No need to do that if you want people to read your words as they are. 
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