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This tiny thing called the iTwin Connect plugs into your laptop to create a personal "uncrackable" VPN #CES   #CESCrunch  
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writing uncrackable is like say "i'm invincible" to Chuk Norris, it attracts bad Karma
That is pretty cool. Hey let me plug in my 2048bit VPN encryption key. #Geeky
Sounds like a cute way to datamine the F' out of a bunch of people that think they are browsing securely....
"uncrackable" challenge accepted ...... if i was a hacker
Fail. Nothing is uncrackable except turning off your computer.
What kind of tests were done to prove its uncrackable,and if you get locked out your own vpn are you forced to buy a new one ?
We are all using G+ we are already on a watch list!
"Uncrackable"?... crack posted in 3...2...1...
XDA=nothing is uncrackable
Yea, just drop that puppy off at DefCon and they'll crack it for you.
Nothing built by man is impervious to cracking.... nothing.
If +Steve Gibson ever takes a look at this and says that it is secure, I'll believe it. It's in my "prove it to me category" until further notice.
Uncrackable?! Haha, that's funny, you just put out a challenge :-) 
Technically nothing is uncrackable cause brute force will work on all forms of encryption, it is just not feasible.
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