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Google’s supposed Chromebook Pixel (and its touch display) stars in leaked video -
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Does it run android apps? Guess it would be too much ask for Google stuff to work together and chrome books to have that much offline compatibility
I hope it's cost stays under 1,000 dollars
I actually have a fanboyish urge to want one ASAP.  What's wrong with me?
It looks like the iPhone prototype lost in bar.

Apple should go thermonuclear on this.
+Bob Bouchard Nothing is wrong with you, because I want TWO for no reason :)
I, too, want one of these even though it may be of absolutely no use to me. 
Nice can't wait for Google I/O now, and see what this laptop is packing. ...does a Macbook pro have a touch screen and even if it is half as powerful, it might be twice as efficient and probably cost half of it too... Google is winning.
An indication that Google is also trying to take over the PC market. GO FOR IT GOOGLE!!! 
+Obie Cherry that'll come with time I'm sure. Googlers have hinted at it before. And it's not fair to give them grief over something that a) - is a rumor and b) at a cheaper price, offers just as much integration between a laptop OS and it's mobile counterpart as what Apple and Microsoft offer. Let's see Apple start supporting iOS apps on the Macbook Air. Somehow I think Chrome will get there first. 
This is awesome watching it from Nexus 10 tablet that has more pixels than any retina display which is also the equivalent to this laptop...either way I want 6 of them.
Great concept but I wonder what Chrome OS can really do with specs like this. It's so stripped down and runs great even on sub-$300 hardware so I hope there's some new OS functionality on the horizon
+Alex Cox I think and I hope that Google has something up their sleeves like a more complete OS than just a browser that is being used as an OS. I think we would all benefit more from it. Come on Google. :-) 
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