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My money is on someone in China to do it first.
if this succeeds China wont be the factory of the world any more. We will just print all our stuff at home. Will this be the end of manufacturing societies?
This could be amazing thing
+Oscar Tejado they still need people to manufacture the printers and deliver the source materials. Guess there's always place for cheap labor in our society, the way it is (not that I'm a fan of it).
Would be cool to 3D print out a 3D printer.
Giant printer that extrudes concrete instead of plastic...totally simple idea. 
Didn't they used to have a 3-d printing technology called "laying bricks"?   All you have to do is put these "bricks" down in the specified pattern, layer by layer, and wow!  there's a building.
Hook up the printer. Ill take a quarter pounder with cheese, mustard, an order of fries.....
Hook up the printer. Ill take a quater pounder with cheese, mustard, an order of fries...
The makerbot can already print all its own plastic parts, in fact that's originally how you got one: ask a friend to print you a parts kit. 
Yup and then you buy the metalic parts and the pcb from them as a kit... 
Not the first. This is being done today by a company in Europe. Not with buildings this interesting but houses people live in made of concrete placed by a concrete pumping machine that works exactly like a giant 3D printer.
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