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Open source Death Star hits Kickstarter after government foolishly refuses to build one -
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Chrys B
Stupid idea...
Awesome, leave it to the private sector to find a way haha
Funny. It will be interesting to see how far they get.
Just hope this time they do something about those thermal exhaust ports.
Hey, if it will get us a real space station with FTL capabilities, I'm all for it.
+TechCrunch #1, your comment system annoys me. #2, if your writer had the stamina to read the entire project, he would have discovered that it is admittedly a joke which is why the funding was set at £20,000,000
I don't care for the deathstar, but would be all set for lightsabers ^^
Ha scam and who would fund it?
Last time they tried this they ran into "technical" (rebel alliance) problems. If the same happens again, will they return our kickstarter money? To risky for me....
As long as they close the doors properly so a small ship can't blow it to pieces, sure, why not.
So only 850 quatrilion dollars to build???? I believe they should go back and ask those 30 million dollars only for the purpose of doing a Class III estimate.
Just give the millennium falcon and a light saber
Will this be released under the GPL?
Whoever said "beam me up scotty", you fail. True story. 
We barely have enough metals to build cities here on earth and your going to hang all that up there where we can't even keep a small, small, small, space station in orbit?  Yeah right. Quit wishing it aint going to happen.
"I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.
$1000000000000000 later and they just bring out a Lego Death Star and call it good.
As long as it has a bumper sticker that says "My other Death Star got blown up by rebels."
Hmm. Guess peoole CAN get stupider.
This will happen. I will donate all of my savings if I get a position as a TIE Fighter pilot.
Based on the initial design, I'm sure Tim Robbins will be a major investor.
Um, not for nothing, but I'm not investing in any technological terror that can be taken out by some pimple faced womp rats killer with a suped up space buggy by sending an M-80 down its exhaust pipe.

Exhaust pipe vulnerability.

Happy now, guys?  :)
3-d printers can print lego bricks from the asteroid belt and it should be possible is a few decades. Simply stop military funding.
better stimulate economy of the empire to complete the death star.
Isn't there a government operation called Operation Death Star?
yes! now if only i can work there...
It makes no sense to build a Death Star when you can destroy an entire planet just sending something more little and dangerous. And of course, with better power consumption / destroy power than this machine. Stay green, and low the power consumption ;-)
Look how long it took them to build the space staition?not that theyl build this? In a few centuries? Dont get excited folks?!
Right Brian Harrison it's a little early to be jumping the gun I agree
And then apple will sue them .
+rob bennett : I love you. Thank you for agreeing that apple is rediculous. You're my hero on this topic.
some one forgot to tell Disney...i hear the Lawyers huddle up
to build with recycled waste paper ?? lol
Lets hope the rebellion doesn't destroy it while it's being built. They will kill innocent independent contractors.
Funny... I thought we already had some gorgeous crap like that up there LOL
Yeah? i was gonna send in a quote for the catwalks.. 
If this is a success, we can have Bigelow Aerospace build an inflatable version.
At last the gov't made a right decision. Whoever is trying to get this project going is just milking it. 
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If they do build one I hope they make it safer. There so damn easy to blow up!!!
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