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YotaPhone's E-Ink display on the back is pretty awesome.
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Can you read books on the back? I would buy it.
Just love this concept, & it makes perfect Sence to use the back panel in a functional way!
It's a pretty sweet idea.
Its awsome but I guess from what I saw the e-inc screen isnt a touch screen and you have to use the bottom as a pad for it ...but if theres a better way of switching info to the back and navigating around I would get it 
This is actually not a bad idea at all.  Might work well for a 7 inch tablet as well.  Turn it into a real E-reader.

And yes, having read things on e-ink vs lcd is a very different experience.  I definitely prefer e-ink for reading.  Main problem is refresh rate and colour.
I saw a concept fpr designers that only certain areas refresh if thats only what changes ...I bet that phones will have a small e inc notification spot area first before they really know how to full implement a einc screen like this "switching back and forth and pushing info to the e inc" is kinda a hassle in a away ....that is going by "fast" as everyone wants haha
That can work as changeable back cover :)
Dumb idea. Why two displays? Its not like the front of my hand has eyes as well.
Sweet, yes. Practical, nope. 
For Matt Burns ... "dual-sided" means two sides.  "duel-sided" is better left to Musketeers.  ;)
That guy's pants in the video are way too short !
It would save battery and many hours of reading could be possible without battery drain.
Would also serve as an excellent music player display and a notification area, especially if the back screen could be continous with a front jacket cover as in the Galaxy Note cover integrated with its back panel. 
if the e-ink screen was a optional accessory, that would be a good idea
I'm throwing my money at the screen but nothing is happening
It seems more to me like a quick fix to a BIG problem: battery life. While its a quirky and fun idea, companies need to invest more (no pun intended) energy on making them last more than 4 hours cough cough Surface Pro cough
I love the e-ink screen for reading for extended periods. Its so much easier on the eyes. And Battery life it's unlikely to improve much until battery tech improves or inductive charging is built into hundreds of everyday surfaces 
I love the idea, I wish my Nexus 4 is equipped with this technology so my battery is not draining like cra zy while reading this past, I will definitely buying this, when it become stable
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