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Facebook is done giving its precious social graph to competitors  
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OMG! Look at that Beard on dumbledore or whatever the fuck his name is.GHAAAGH!
Yes. Facebook is above the competition.
digging a moat around yourself is another way of saying "well, I'm done growing"
Facebook is the most idiotic social site on the web anyway.
After "Who your real-life friends are, though, is Facebook’s domain." I stopped reading
"Who your real-life friends are, though, is Facebook’s domain."  That's a stretch.  Just ask Manti Te'o if he has anything to say on the matter.

Or ask any of those FB users with 1000s of "friends" strictly for their games how many are "real-life friends".
About time they increase privacy for once but this is why we must first authorize certain apps to have access to this info in the first place. Doesn't seem like a useful strategy at all. I think I will just stick around here.
I just love this as the eternal image representing Facebook
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