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Not-so-shocking analyst claim: The iPhone is rather popular in the US.
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Clay Ginn
Yea Yea Yea the next article will say the GS3 is on top. All these polls are crap and that's on both sides.
I like Apple products but don't like how closed they are and the Co Chant "Our Way or No way". but even the Apple Fan boys are starting to question them. They need to do something or bring something out to Wow us. 
more and More you hear Apple user say we don't need that or I'd never use that , talking about an Android feature. You just don't hear that the other way anymore.
+Clay Ginn Being an Apple fan myself, I am beginning to raise concern on the future of Apple's products, and the company as a whole.
27 likes and 7 comments and this is 'What's Hot'? Something odd here. 
Apple users are just so funny, they pay 40$ for some shitty thunderbolt cables. Because it has some kind of microchip inside it!!! Whee you can buy gsm phones cheaper than that. And a phone has couple chips inside it too... They are just so fcking DUMB!!!!
I'm not surprised. I love my iPhone 5 and I know so many people who own one. Americans are very smart when it comes to picking a phone.
Wow, did....did that actually happen? Did I really just see a chainlet... comment? Would that be it? A chaincomment? Christ on a bike, I'm not sure what I should do now. +Tave Strohm you... you just... wow. I seriously thought I got away from things like that when I left AOL umpteen years ago. I need a drink.
+Nino Novak I was hoping for a comment like yours. You meant to say: Americans are so influenced by consumerism and mass media which leads them to believe anything they see or hear between their favorite sitcoms hence, being led to believe an iPhone is such a revolutionary product.

All those billions of dollars spent by Apple's Advertising and Communication team has paid off here in the U.S. (somewhat)

Everyone else is an informed consumer who knows exactly what their looking for in a mobile device (because one size never fits all); research and purchase... Ah, I love my Nexus with all of its forward thinking tech! 
Lol Nino, if you equate overpaying for a product as smart...
Why are we arguing about Apple/Samsung? Should we not be more concerned about the youth of America spamming comment sections on postings about finding the hidden number and your wish will come true if you post it to annoy people? The youth must be educated! Who's with me?
+Dino Rodriguez The public doesn't say the iPhone is a revolutionary product, Apple does as a marketing and sales technique. As I look at it, the original iPhone, and the iPhone 4 is quite revolutionary. The original iPhone planted the seeds  of what is known today as the amazing, growing, large mobile market. The iPhone 4 jump-started video-calling, and the front-facing camera in mobile devices, tablets, and other devices. To add on to the matter, the original iPad laid the foundation to the competition fierce, opportunity rich tablet market. Just speaking my mind.
+Dino Rodriguez iPhone is on the market since 2007, people know what is proven quality and it's so easy for everybody to compare devices these days - we have social media, tech bloggers and tons of stores, where you can try out other platforms. Do you really think so many millions of Americans are misled? Come on, even a die-hard Android fanboy like you doesn't really believe that. iPhone is simply the best smartphone - it's a fact of life. It wouldn't kill ya to acknowledge that.
Yes, actually, most Americans are pretty gullible and don't pay attention to details. The iPhone is decent enough as a basic "starter" phone if you are hopeless with technology, which again, most people are. If you want to go beyond the absolute basics, though, and have some customization options, there is absolutely no contest. Apple is still pushing out technology from 3-4 years ago and charging a premium for it.
Does anyone know that Samsung also helps make most of Apple's product yet they wanted to sue Samsung for ideas that they claimed to be "theirs" when Samsung had them first? Apple is just a name, just like Mustang from Ford. It's the image and reputation America is pleased with, not the product itself. 
Apple has a lot more going for it than phones. They make a nice Eco system that works nice together. I see apple as the alternative to Microsoft and Linux not as an alternative to an android phone. I'm getting out of PC and going with Apple. This stuff is just so much better.

As for phones if I want to make a call I just use a cheap tracfone. Not a big phone guy. 
Apple stores are highest in the google trends chart. Doesnt that fudge the numbers a bit. That could be for purchases, repairs or just showing how many people actually get lost using apple maps.
There is a apple Orchard here in our little town, my friends and I are in dire need of a huge inflatable android man. We are planning on sneaking out in the middle of the night filling it with helium and flying it in the middle of the Orchard just to piss of the owner because he is a huge ios sheep only because he owns a apple Orchard. He is always running his mouth evry morning at McDonalds about how android sux and apple is the best. Can anybody help me out on finding a good size android bot? 
L am
What is new about iphone? More buttons? More rows?
Since iphone?
Whats new in iOS since v3 now version v6.1?
More like bugs fix, small changes... re-arrangement?
What a ripoff!! Same shit, but keep the price!

Apple is the worlds richest company!
For doing the same for 6 or so years.
Biggest ripoff of all time!!

Iphone is like a lady's phone. Looks like a kid's book with plenty of cartoony small buttons/icons. Its like an old old Nokia!
Some people i heard, they called it a parrot phone.
Or a kiddy book phone.
I can't even count the number of people( young,old, everything in between) I see using an iPhone. I don't see iPhone 5 as much as I see earlier versions of the iPhone, mostly 4 or 4s. I also see quite often, people using S3. I saw 1 person with a Win HTC(which looked really nice btw.) I think a lot of people are simply tired of seeing the iPhone everywhere in addition to other small issues(trivial) with Apple, and they've decided to throw Apple under the bus. It works for me, because the less people I see with an iPhone the better. I don't mind being the only person with an iPhone because Apple is still an innovative and magical company. They make their own software and hardware and people are constantly copying their ideas. 
Hey R.j. ... just go in there at night and cut a huge fucking crop circle sized android in the middle of the orchard, and get some arial shots. Them blame extraterrestrial forces (androids?)
+Stephen Edwards You've made some valid points but, as for the iPhone jump-starting the video calling, and front facing camera, I don't know if you're aware that the HTC Evo 4G beat the iPhone 4 with the front facing camera feature in early June of 2010; iPhone 4 was released later at the end of the month with a front facing camera.

Speaking of which, I was never fond of iPhone's take on the front facing camera since you could only use the frature with other iPhone 4's and only over wifi. Whereas with Android, you vould use the front facing camera over the network, between any mobile device, desktop, and much later with the tablet. It wasn't until 2 years later when iPhone finally made face time available over the network but, was still limited to iPhone model specific.

There is so much more I can point out but, Apple has done a great job I suppose with having the public believe they were the first to the punch. (Remember Palm? That handheld phone with a touch screen, physical keyboard, apps, and a very good camera? It may not have been "popular" here in the States but it was highly regarded worldwide as the world's first handheld computing device - just saying).
+Nino Novak actually yes, I do believe there are so many Americans who were misled. That's why Apple spends the billions of dollars toward their marketing and wide-spread product placements.

And actually, iPhone is a very good entry level "smartphone" for the average user. That's why power users stick with Google's Android platform. 
L am
Power user rooted their android and built their roms or kernal!!
L am
Jailbreak iphony is like a kiddy book that i'm going to make a nest in... still shit!
The Sony Ericsson K610 I owned ages ago already have the capability to make video calls. There is nothing to shout about when iPhone can too.
+Nino Novak Yes, which one are you talking about in particular, I imagine they have more than one?  Oh, have you also seen where the iPhone 5 seems to have an issue with bending?
Wow, people must like throwing there money away.
How is this not shocking. I have one seen 1 iphone 5 since it's launch. Even at the stores everyone makes fun of how lame it is. Who is buying these things. Anyone think apple is just repackaging them to promote stove value? 
I like fruit loops. It really is the best breakfast cereal and the people who created it are the best and smartest people in the universe. But then this other cereal called fruity pebbles came out and I was OUTRAGED! It's clearly fruit loops broken up into small peices to look different. It was a complete copy, except for the shape, packaging, and virtually every other aspect of the product. But my loyalty to fruit loops will not be challenged by logic, rationality, or the reality that I'm wasting my time giving a crap about cereal. So when I meet someone new, the first thing I do is throw my cereal prefernce in their face and then act offended when they don't give a damn. Surprisingly, most people call me a jackass and try to get away from me as quickly as possible.
gr8 story kevin. and wat does it hav 2 do with the iPhone?
Apple,ha haa haa. Its so funny. I have to have iphone . Why? Just think about your request. Why? Just for a apple brand . If they're going to produce scanties, you people stay in queue again and buy it. Omg
+Nino Novak I really hate americans like you, that always have a tendency to patronize non americans.

As a european I like to think of myself as a critical consumer and dont need companies (Apple) to McDonalize their products to appeal to me.
And as a european I dont need John Steward or his republican counterparts to interpret politics for me.

I can actually do the math on my own - and thats why I dont own an iPhone.

But it makes perfectly sense to me why the small iPhone is still so popular in the US. It must be the size.
Most americans are not able to carry a larger phone since they already are carrying the bible in one hand and a assault rifle in the other.
I'm sorry for that last sentence, but I couldnt help it.
People and their phone arguements. Its really all about relative. What's best for you, is not best for me. You like chickhen, I like beef. If you hold up an android phone and an iPhone and your friend chooses the iPhone, don't tell them android is better and to choose it because you're making that decision for yourself, Not in their best interest.
finally fed up with iphone when my friend shows up with a 2 yr old prepaid Virgin Mobile galaxy s2 and it puts my i5 to shame. Apple is on its way out and all its dinosaur 8 track technology is history! I wont waste another dime on anything apple unless it comes off a tree!
L am
I have looked up and down, still couldn't find +Tave Strohm
What did she/he said?
+Dino Rodriguez Thanks for your long post, it is enriching. Good to remember the Palm, I would be pleased if you have written more :). I am gratified reading most of the posts in G+, I have never found this quality of comments in Facebook, and this one of the reasons why I have deleted my  facebook account once for all. 
+Sean Connolly People like the iPhone, which in their case really isn't throwing money away. In your position, it is. Speaking my mind.
+Fakhri Azzouz When I still had an active Facebook account, I felt like killing myself because of the stupidity most people have when using Facebook. Everything from their likes, status updates, other posts, photos, and everything else is brain cell suicide. Facebook is a place full of idiots these days. No professionalism, what so ever.
+Fabian Robinson Amen. I used to bash Android, but now I could really care less what cellular device other people than myself use.
+Lam H.N A spam/chain comment that means absolutely nothing.
Power users won't touch iPhone, jail breaking, such a stupid appleish naming again. Why you apple people have to rename everything? It is ROOTING!!! AIRPORT, FUSIONDRIVE, THUNDERBOLT, RETINA..... DISGUSTING
Android will rule as the open systems begin to operate everything we use. The future is Android! 
+steve augustin That comment made me laugh. You can get an Android for half the price of an iPhone, and the Android is twice as powerful, and you still claim the iPhone to be good value for money?! Samsung made a square phone, and Apple will not allow this atrocity. My fridge is a square, soon Apple will be banning that, too. Also, IPhones are made by Foxconn in China. #justsaying
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