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Too bad they lost my future purchase dollars when they neglected to keep improving on local playback with the new device. Hopefully there'll be a viable alternative by the time my boxee box needs to be replaced.
But they don't support their customers and they dropped support quickly for Boxee Box. I wouldn't want to buy another product from them, I don't trust they'll keep it up to date long enough.
I remember when they ran on Windows, it was great, they abandoned that too.
Considering how terrible Boxee is treating / neglecting it's current users for the Boxee Box now that they announced this new product, I have zero interest in ever recommending Boxee, nor anything they make, to anyone ever again. They are untrustworthy as a company.
Boxee can go to hell as far as I am concerned. They had great products with the software and the Boxee Box. They were the future of TV, not just for the US but for the world. Now what have they done? Started whoring themselves around with US Cable companies. Even worse they have stopped supporting the Boxee Box.

Bravo to the folks who edited all the contradicting quotes. Just proves this was a paid piece.
Here's a note: On their web site for Boxee TV, they have the audacity to compare themselves to other set top boxes and they put a big green Check next to an item that says they stream "Top Tier Internet Apps", implying that they are equal to the competition in that regard.  What they fail to mention is that they don't do Hulu Plus or Amazon Instant Video.  The lack of Hulu Plus in particular makes them possibly one of the lamest companies/device out there.  I should like to note, as an early adopter of their last product, that they promised Hulu Plus early on, and at no time during the entire two year life of the product did they ever publicly admit that they screwed up and couldn't get Hulu on the box.  Run from these people as fast as you can.
I got the black screen of death tonight. Looking for alternatives. This thing had been a joke. Die in a fire Boxee. You don't deserve to be in business. 
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