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This must be some secret Ingress thing. Portal Sentry Turret?
+Mary Anderson I believe it's more novelty than anything. Kind of like a harmless sentry that's motion activated. At $40 it should do more than that. Perhaps it could work in conjunction with additional software to improve security.
Is anyone there? Nap time. Hay, hay, hay, put me down. Critical error.
I have three of them... One gaurding my X-box 360, one gaurding my old comics, and the last one is sitting beside me shooting at me with tiny bullets, which hurt.
I invented something a lot better than this it was wireless and used Bluetooth i called it the Got cha!! That I début @ startup weekend Tallahassee Florida last summer I lost to a start up called wordio . they had a team of 16 I had a small hand built prototype n e ways ... it was not a total loss :)
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