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Facebook changes name of Subscribe feature to “Follow” so people understand it’s just like Twitter -
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Joe Dzado
"If something works, steal it and use it." -- Apple
"If something works, steal it and use it." -- Me
I guess Facebook needed to dumb it down for their crowd.
Facebook continues to copy their competitors
I think on Facebook they should call it "Stalk" instead.
Some people were probably confused and thought subscribe = pay. Now they will think follow = stalking
Coming next... renaming "like" to "+10" .... "ten times better than the competition". I can see the ui now... slider on button... the longer you hold the more plus you give.... " a new level of intuitive experience". This is direct from
So no Instagram on Twitter, and now Facebook is using Follow...
Facebook is great in "borrowing" things from others
Twitter should sue. They have a patent on "follow". Oh, wait, that's Apple.....
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