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Needs a bigger grip for better "Gun Control."
Gun control...Oxymoron?
If I recall correctly, this was a cheap weapon dropped into known resistance areas during WWII. Meant to fire one, maybe two shots. They cost only about $7.00 to manufacture. It was meant to provide a means for resistance fighters to take down enemy guards or troops and take THEIR firearms. Because of how disposable they were they're insanely rare, and extremely valuable, especially for a firearm that is no longer recommended to be fired. It was called, as +greg forte  previously stated, the Liberator, because you could "Liberate" your weapons from your enemies with it... as well as help to liberate yourself and your other resistance fighting cohorts.
I'm not sure if a change in gun laws is really what America needs. Sure, the people who commit these awful massacres went out, and simply bought a gun, but if a nutter wanted a gun bad enough here in the UK, I'm sure he could find one with relative ease.
+Daniel Crossley, I've pointed this out before. I watch history, science, and military channel, and all those educational channels. At one point I heard say that one of the highest crime rates in the world was in London... doesn't the UK ban civilian firearms?

Also, was it Switzerland that requires all male citizens to join the military for a minimum of 2 years at the age of 17? And there is at least 1 firearm in every home, and due to military requirements usually at least 1 person who knows how to properly use it. And then also has one of the lowest nationwide crime rates in the world?

I could be incorrect, but ultimately "Gun Control", in my eyes is not the solution. It's proper gun education.
Switzerland has 0.52 gun homicides per 100,000 population per year.
The UK has 0.04.
The US 3.7.
Those are "gun homicides", you omitted overall crime rate and non-gun-related homicides.
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