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The Chromebook Pixel is the most brilliant laptop you’ll never buy -
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The only thing that turns me off about the chrome pixel is the price. I like everything else about it.
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Its google answer to MB pro... but this one is only good for online... 
I could get a laptop that could play Battlefield 3, or I could get this, which has no hope of ever playing anything other than angry birds. I would be tempted for £500, but its just too expensive. Google have missed a major opportunity to break into the mainstream computing market here.
Absolutely agree. I don't see why I should spend $1200 on something like that... I mean, I love google, but this is just absurd...
I blame poor marketing on this product.  Just from an outside view with only knowing the bare minimum - maybe - from word of mouth, this product seems useless.  What good is a computer dedicated to web browsing?  That seems too useless to be its only use.  Especially at the price that is being asked.
If chrome os integrates quickoffice so I could use ms office documents, then I would buy one.
The chromebook pixle was not designed to be a competitor to high end laptops. This was essentially a very, VERY expecive marketing campaign developed to "raise the bar" on chromebooks, to get more developers working on apps and paving the way for streaming content to the mobile laptop market. Its a lightweight fast os that, under the right circumstances, can have high end games and applications streamed to it via server. Nvidia is developing graphics cards for consumers to stream their games from home PC's. I think its amazing and am very proud of google for their fearlessness to build such a device that will make them no real money in the short run. Well played Google, well played.
You pay that price and get a tiny hard drive. 
I know I want this. They should do a contest for the Mobile Version. It would be awesome. 
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