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Twitter brings Aviary-powered photo filters to its Android and iPhone apps -

What do you think?
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Did not like...too poor if compared against Instagram!
And Pixlr Express is too poor if compared against Snapseed.
Aviary is a good company to partner with. Still diggin' +Snapseed though.
Instagram did Twitter a favor methinks
Lovers quarrel between Fb and Twitter reminds me of the one between Apple and Google. 
It's a start. Not impressive by any means, but they've gotta start somewhere.
lol. If I ever want to apply a sepia hue to a crappy photo and share it with everyone I know, I will make sure to use this.
You dont need such instagram when u have DSLR. but i use photoshop, its more useful :))
think they might be missing the point, its not about the filters on instagram its about the community.
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