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Startup Founders: Chill or get help -
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Hitler in the face, Stalin in the face, and then beat Techcrunch to death with the gun.
+TechCrunch I would be weary of posting this as it seems many of your audience members agree with the tweet.
+Peter G McDermott pretty much... worst tech site from what I've seen, but I usually ignore their articles, but the ones I read are pretty awful. I only subscribe to them cause I subscribe to all tech sites for max info.
Funny! If you go to markerlyDOTcom at the bottom of the home page it says that it has been featured on TC. :P
In a room with Hitler Stalin and Justin Bieber, gun, 2 bullets, who do you shoot?

Get them to stand in a line and fire twice...
To be fair, the other two are already dead.
He sure got the press coverage he looked for!
Clearly the founder is an asshole, but TC with it's crappy journalism and being too far up it's own ass totally deserves at least one bullet in the buttocks. 
Oh the drama! You guys are suppose to report the news not be the news. Journalism 101.
Please tell me you replied with a "You Mad Bro??"
I +1'd this because I agree with the tweet.
TechCrunch: I'd rather see you use this time and energy to write a decent tech story, not to whine about someone who says mean things about you.  Boohoo
If all of you hate +TechCrunch Sofa King much why do you follow them? why do you reply to them? posting to them and about them and anything that has to do with them doesn't hurt them it only continues to promote them. Example: Apple and CNET both suck but they are in a way promoted with every slam
If y'all dislike TC so much why do you A) subscribe) B) reply C) let it bother you d) waste your time on something you loathe???
+Todd Scheitler Giving negative comments does not automatically means disliking. Look at it as honest two way communication. Far less wrong with this, than constant asslicking. 
heres something I know for a fact if you post a hateful comment on here about somethin 99% of the time ppl will check it out just to see what it is
+Greg Kali I guess it could be looked at that way as far as the two way honest type of conversation. However, I do no have the time or energy to be complaining about things. I have more of what I consider productive things to do with the resources that I do have. As far as the rest of your comment I will choose to ignore it.
+Todd Scheitler You see, the difference here is that I admit having some extra time on my hands to participate in this. If you don't, why do you even respond? I mean if it's all so bad, stop wasting your time on the comment section - just take in what TC provides you with and get on with your life. I can do this all night long (it's night time where I am and it's weekend)
Lol, geeeeez.... sorry about the hostility TC!
I'd beat the hell out of both Hitler and Stalin with the pistol New York style.. then shoot them in the stomach to bleed out slowly and walk out of the room.. +TechCrunch is cool with me.. #contractkiller
If I was in a room with all three with a gun. I'd probably head butt the gun.. To snap myself back to reality those two have been dead for years 
I'd pistol whip TechCrunch while yelling "see how you like this!!" and save the two bullets for something special. 
+ Greg Kali Hope you are having a great weekend, just getting it started here in the US. I normally do not respond, but as I was skimming over this, I was amazed at the amount of negativity.
+Todd Scheitler Thanks and you have a nice weekend as well!

I think the backlash TC has called on themselves. It is a faux pas for a news outlet to use their resources to whine about somebody have said something bad about them. The tweet was not insulting and, honestly, quite funny at the same time, TC on the other hand was too emotional. This is how douchebag founder got his publicity at the expense of the mighty TechCrunch. Also, this is not the first time they are falling for this.

This drama aside, it is interesting to see the difference of general set of opinions on G+ and on FB commenting system for the very same article.

Happy Chinese New Year, by the way!
Get off the Internet John Biggs. This place is just too big and scary for you. You might want to try reporting for Fox News. 
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