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__________ is the best at doing Map apps.
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Thomas Guides, their best app is the one on paper ;-)
Erik H.
No no, TechCrunch, I'm not doing your journalism for you.
Anyone can do a great app, it's the data behind it that is more important.
An app is as good as the maps it uses, if navigation is part of the equation then I'd have to say TomTom is doing a great job with their app. Google maps are also pretty good when a net connection is available. 
How can there be non-Google answers?  I get that the Apple post is a joke, but MapQuest?  Really?  In 2000 maybe, but not now.
__________ is more FUN and CREATIVE although WRONG at doing Map apps.
my company requires MAPQUEST for reimbursement on mileage. STUPID!!
Anyone saying apple deserves a pen in the eye


is good, but Google Maps is superior. 
Jack Ji
For sure, Nokia, :)
Google of course.

I like apples style better though. Just waiting a couple years for the precision and detail in the back end
Apple maps! Jajaja couldn't say that with a straight face. Google of course. 
The Empire. They are the best.
Atlases! Historically a good atlas has been the only topographical and navigational tool.
If Apple can do it, anyone can do it... Lol :D :sarcasm:
As if anything other than Google would fit in that statement.
I would have to say that Google aside, +BackCountry Navigator is an excellent topo map app that has several useful layers and a robust feature set. As someone who likes using topo maps this is by far one of the best and better than Google Maps for the purpose.
Waze for apps, Android for OS.
Anyone saying apple should read about how australian police are warning against the use of apples maps because people are getting lost in the outback for 24 hours straight
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