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The Surface of Mars: a date with a Microsoft kiosk -
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+Zackary McNamara and with your nexus logo you're like phandroid status and really lame. The guy just described his experience, how is his experience biased?
Did you read that they wouldn't touch an iPhone because it was a "hostile and foreign object"? I think the iPod nano watch observation was relevant in that context. I think you might be looking for something to get upset about. Have you been to a Surface kiosk? Or an MS store and experienced the sales staff? If not, then why should we trust your judgement about the experience over someone who has?
I do feel like he wrote his story as non-biased as he could, but MG has been very open with his Apple bias. 
+MG Siegler is the biggest Apple fanboy/troll out there. Trash talks about Google, MS and any other company that doesn't have a half bitten apple. He needs to be locked up in a asylum by RIM and can only use RIM products. That'll be my only wish in this world.
+Zackary McNamara Although I'm an enormous Google and Android fan (HTC One X FTW!), there was some bias in the post, but it seemed limited. I'm basically saying that EVERYONE is biased, me to Android, the author to Apple, but in this article, it seemed like the author tried not to make it biased. 

I thought the pointing out the watch just was a little, "well lookie here!", which I liked! 
Also, the author was comparing the kiosk to an Apple one because that's what the author is familiar with. 

Honestly, I think you are just looking for ways to flame... 
I dislike Apple too, with their patent litigation and their calling everything "innovative", but I don't think flaming belongs anywhere... If you dislike TechCrunch's Apple bias, why do you still have them in your circles? 

On a side note, 
Man, I really want the Surface to succeed, but right now it looks grim... 
Phil Wu
seriously, +MG Siegler  has absolutely no credibility regarding anything non-Apple..
I'm no +MG Siegler fan, but the Apple haters on G+ are fanatics. They act essentially like Apple fans.
Biased, well that's questionably, enthusiastic, not very, that's pretty much how I read it, plus it was an article about buying a surface device from a kiosk, how useful could it possibly be, seems more appropriate for a blog, but that's just me. Hasn't changed my mind about buying or not buying a surface device,
Pro version will rock.  Totally buying it.
Having spent some quality time with win 8 over the weekend ,sorry I just don't get it.Seems like an alpha product at best. Jarringly inconsistent ,and kludgy so.... 
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