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Nope, their model is garbage and they are out of ideas.
The history of the rise and fall of gaming companies is just as long as the history of the computer itself. Another one bites the dust.
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I think Zynga missed its opportunity to solidify a respectable position in the mobile gaming market. Add to that their atrocious personnel policies and practices (which means their best and brightest will flee and are fleeing as fast as they can find a new gig). This company will be no more forever pretty lickety split. And with good reason.
They would do better to bring some folks in from outside. The "inside" team has been killing the company with bad decisions.
another one bites the dust ... period.
It certainly does not help matters when modules in games have not been updated in more than 2 years and tons of obnoxious features are slapped into their games.. That only result in more tedious clicks. close, close, close, close. They should have been listening to the actual game players this whole time. We play the games... We are the experts as to what can keep the games alive, and appealing to new players. BUT, Zynga has been scoffing at the consumers ideas and firing their employees. Fail, fail, fail, after epic fail. They have lost about 600,000 daily players in this year alone, in one game. Who knows what the total count is across all their games. I don't expect Zynga being around for more than a year. 
I guess they don't have enough competition left to copy and steal ideas from. And yes they actually hired people for the sole purpose of copying competitor's games.
They are in the phone app market. They are not highly popular because they can never their apps stable. People try to inform zynga of app problems, but they go unaddressed, un-updated, and practically rot. So, like myself... Many just delete the app from their mobiles and move on to better and more reliable things. 
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