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Are you seeing this new design yet? Do you like plain and simple Google, or should they start adding more?
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absolutely hate it. too many clicks for simple filtering. way too much white.
We like it. Google has so many apps and features it tends to look cluttered. Always a fan of plain and simple.
I don't like this new layout, way too much whitespace... Also, looks a lot like Bing... 
It's redundant against the black bar. Some options at least...
It's not just white, the right side allows for a page preview. Looks pretty slick.
+Jeromy Mogharbel Old layout showed page previews like that too... 
The main whitespace addition is on the left side...
I don't see that one. I still have the black bar.

I prefer that old drop down menu on the Google bar (the one that didn't last long) instead of the black bar or this new under-menu. I'm sad they didn't keep that, it was so clean looking. ;)

I don't see any side ads however, so maybe I have to clear my cache.
This is what the people wanted and now they don't like it. They'll never be satisfied.
+Umer Salman Interesting. Still a slight difference. Now you can hover the mouse over the >> and get a preview. (I had to go to a diff PC to check.)
I'm 100% on board with this change.  It was this same clean approach to search results that initially attracted me to using +Google in the first place
I like not having to scroll down anymore for some of the search features I use frequently. The sort by date in Google News always required me to page down annoyingly. 
I like it because it moves "actions" and filters top level and allows for additional, complementary, content in the side bars if desired. 
but... what happened to the search options? i need my date-range
People hate the change and want to go back to the old version, which was exactly the version they hated the last time there was a change and they wanted to back the PREVIOUS version.
SIMPLE GOOGLE! That's the "google's magic". Be simple and complete at the same time.
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