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Will we never be free of off by one errors?
+Seanna G I'm having trouble following your logic. Probably because there isn't any.
+Davide Cassenti, not that those aren't real important issues, but do you really think people would be happier if Google prioritized Bluetooth connectivity ahead of programming back an entire missing month into the calendar? A missing month that, unfortunately, starts in a week and a half.
+Jon Eric Well, I need the device today, not in a month. It just reboots every now and then, plus those troubles with Bluetooth. The calendar issue is not that bad, as it only happens in the People app: I think you can survive without saving the birthday of someone, but a device that you cannot rely on is really useless.
Some may be confused; This only affects the People app re: birthdays not Google Calendar. And really, what percentage of users use that feature?
Let's see...missing a month (which is easily remedied) or the greatest mobile mapping #fail  of all time?
+Seanna G didn't back anything up with fact.  You merely stated another opinion.

 Fact: Apple did release a similar bug awhile ago.  iOS has bugs in it.  My facebook feed is filled with people weekly bitching about how their iPhone got "crappy" after the last update.  Neither platform is perfect.  TechCrunch is a pro-Apple outlet, so they are going to magnify this.
+Seanna G <cough> maps, <cough> siri. 

I'm a frequent user of iOS via my iPad and touch. I know better. In general yes, Apple is a better experience but it sure as heck isn't perfect.
+Mike Miller better experience is a matter of opinion. I like the way I can easily set up a ringtone with an mp3 file by just downloading it, use whatever browser I want without being forced to use one by default when I hit a link in an email for instance, watch a movie without the need to go over a lengthy conversion, download something with the browser while watching a video on the YouTube app, Google Now etc. Not trying to convince you though as I understand that you use android as well. :-) 
My wife's iPhone 5 just deleted all her exchange calendar entries from an ios 6 bug, so no one's perfect. I'd rather not have December!
+Zaki Manzanza For the most part I agree with you. Which is why I can't ever see myself owning an iPhone. 

I think iOS still outdoes Android on tablets but the gap is closing rapidly there and is mostly in the app space.
+Mike Ahab Although I'm pro-Android, I cannot agree with you. While it's true about innovation, the same cannot be said on quality: I got a device which is amazing (nexus 10), but reboots, Bluetooth issues and others make me mad.

I had a problem with Apple, and they respond quickly also over the weekend, to solve it. Still nothing from Google about these problems. It's frustrating.
+Mike Ahab Although I'm pro-Android, I cannot agree with you. While it's true about innovation, the same cannot be said on quality: I got a device which is amazing (nexus 10), but reboots, Bluetooth issues and others make me mad.

I had a problem with Apple, and they respond quickly also over the weekend, to solve it. Still nothing from Google about these problems. It's frustrating.
Remember when Google's CEO announced he'd made a mistake and urged everyone to be patient while suggesting users install Apple's app on every Android device?
+Mike Miller I do agree. Actually, until the Nexus 10, I was planning on getting an iPad. But gonna get the Nexus to stay consistent and be able to use the same apps. But however good the Nexus 10 might be, I honestly believe that the iPad is a better product and in terms of tablet experience, android has got some work to do. 
they better bring it back....its a major error from google's side. really feel sorry for the QA team who were behind this task.
+Davide Cassenti nothing's perfect. iOS has had its hiccups too. The Nexus 10 problem sounds like a software issue. I can't be sure but as what you experience doesn't happen with the Nexus 4, it might have something to do with Samsung's integration of the firmware. Just speculating. 
+Zaki Manzanza +Mike Miller My perspective is such:  the reason Android is not perceived as a "better experience" is because there is a steeper learning curve with Android.  iOS gives you less options, less flexibility.  There's less to know.  It's more of a dumb machine in a walled garden.  Android, OTOH, has widgets, lock screens, launchers, third party markets, etc. This is something that is inherent to the product and might get better, will never go away.  Meanwhile, iOS will get more and more stale because they can't move the platform forward in any meaningful way (or continue to copy Android features as they've been doing)
I imagine the Nexus bluetooth errors are about as frustrating as the iOS 6 wifi problems that plague Apple. Eventually they'll sort everything out in time for another issue.
+Andrew Yarnall That is a feature though, not a bug. Most people like simple straight forward and reliable UI experiences. In fact, count me in that crowd as well. I stopped obsessing over customization when I realized how much of my life I was wasting redoing the same stuff over and over again.
+Andrew Yarnall I agree to some extent. I think that the average user keeps the stock launcher. If you know about alternative launchers, it's highly likely that you're already familiar enough with android. Besides, it's not that difficult to get accustomed to it. Widgets are pretty easy to set up. 
Android turned the corner on better experience with ICS. Apple is about 6-9 months behind the curve by most estimations, unless you throw in mapping - that pushes them back over a year. The iPhone 5 is barely faster than the SIII ...unless the SIII runs 4.1...then the SIII is faster. Unfortunately for Apple  the SIII is a software update away from making their flagship obsolete in terms of speed.
+Walid Muhammad Most benchmarks I've seen show Apple's hardware to be significantly faster than anything offered in the Android space. 

Geekbench does show Apple's iPhone 5 lagging in integer and floating point performance but kicking serious backside on the memory bandwidth side of things which helps explain why iOS is so smooth compared to Android on most devices.
OMFG can i read one damn article without it being followed by whiney Droid vs. iPhone comments?!?! 
+Al Ridley you can read the article and skip the comments. :). Just chill. It's only a civilized discussion. 
+Mike Miller  your article doesn't support your comment. Android's Butter release has also been heralded as smooth and performs well by every estimation I've seen. Tests of the SIII with the update outperform Apple's latest offering. It's sad considering a new Nexus is ready for launch. Clearly Apple's strategy is more for the niche market of those who just like Apple. Apple's phone products have little hope of regaining dominance in the cellular arena now that they've succumbed to fragmentation, a one year technology lag, and faltering performance compared to rivals. Samsung appears to have managed to eclipse the Apple flagship in sales as well.
+Walid Muhammad I've heard less than steller reports performance wise on 4.2 for pretty much every Android device other than the Nexus 4.

The iPhone 5 has much better memory bandwidth than the S III and from what I recall a much faster GPU. Integer and floating point math is nice, but memory bandwidth and the GPU are going to have a lot more to do with the quality of the user experience.
Google is powerful indeed. They can now cast away entire months of the year. Take that, Apple!
I think they were following the mayan calendar ... 
tip of the iceberg with the 4.2 problems on the Nexus 7.  The buttery and reliable performance is gone on mine.
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