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America has hit “peak jobs” -
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صباح الورد صباح الفل والياسمين good morning
Technology replacing human workers is a good thing. People are always quick to get upset about job loss and unemployment, but in the big picture the use of robots and computers to do work, means that less work needs to be done by humans to  produce the same quantity of goods and services, thus a more efficient economy. Technological advances move our economy forward and create an increase in overall wealth for everybody, provided the people who have their jobs replaced find different work. There will always be work that cannot be accomplished by machines and the human race just needs to allocate these jobs appropriately to humans while allocating jobs that can be done by machines to machines.
Not sure I agree with this article. I think we may have seen peak jobs for unskilled labor and liberal arts majors with C averages.
i kind of agree with this article. also, the ideal scenario would be a society with much smaller population and a lot of manual labor being done by technology.
+Kumar Aatish But that means the world is going to have to "lose" a few billion people, which I imagine would be at the very least frowned upon by humanitarian agencies.
This has been developing for quite a while now. The simple fact is that not everyone is needed in the job market. If we are unable to create new types of employment as fast as we lose traditional types we will need to modify our economic structure. Perhaps by having each person work less so that everyone can work. Pay would have to remain high enough to allow people to survive. A less likely alternative would be to exempt some people from the work force eg. back in the day when women were not expected to work. For this to work we would have to remove the social stigma related to unemployment from exempted people and consider how these people would support themselves. In reality we can't even solve the more basic problems we face so asking us to modify our socioeconomic structure might be a bit of a stretch.
+Daniel Crossley I did not mean that people need to be eliminated! A negative birth rate is very much achievable and I really hope that humans would have invented common sense in the next 20 years to achieve this realistic goal.
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