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I just hope RIM is able to release their BB10 with touch-screens (to make some money) and not completely give up on the QWERTY.

With some effort, most of us can get just as good at touch-screen typing, but the physical response from a QWERTY is what makes it so appealing.
somehow, i feel that this is an outdated technology anyway. not to say that a touch keyboard on any smart phone is flawless in any way, but i think the qwerty keyboard is just one functionality that is being slowly left in the dark ages of computing where touch screen interfaces functionalities are becoming more and more prevalent.
I love my full keyboard on my Epic 4G. I feel as voice recognition continues to improve the physical keyboard will not be as important. I use voice typing on my TF201 frequently and I love it.
I CANNOT STAND touchscreen typing. I'm with +Clarence Lau. I guess my next phone isn't going to be HTC!
You get used to it. Plus the keyboard I use practically knows what I'm going to type before I type it. That helps.
Is there a '-1' button? Booooo to the virtual keyboard. I like resting my fingers (or thumbs for the phones) on keys and feeling my way around. I am just way less efficient on a virtual.
The tactile response on a physical keyboard is nice but it still requires a whole lot of looking at the thing to use correctly. I miss the days when I could tap out an entire message using predictive T9 input on my old sony ericsson phone with hardly a glance. Voice to text is the next best thing, but somewhat defeats the purpose of texting in the first place.
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love my physical keyboard on my HTC Arrive. Please NO!!!
texting with the standard numeric keypad was a pain in the ass. T9 was ingenious, esp if you knew the ordering of the suggestions.

The one thing I actually miss about T9 is being able to send a text with one hand (even hidden so noone knew you were texting).

Again, though, the physical keyboard requires less looking and as you become more familiar, you can feel your way around (kind of how I use a remote control in the dark while laying on the couch).
Maybe sales were low because numb'nut engineers didn't load up the EVO shift with anything greater than an 800mhz core and a small @$$ screen! I turned it down over the dual core EVO 3d simply for that reason! Reminds me of Honda when it made the doomed hybrid Insight. Sales weren't high enough... Maybe because people couldn't test drive one because they were always out of stock @ the dealer! They always set themselves up for failure, then blame sales and low demand... Never their design or sales method!
Now don't forget, folks, a fair percentage of these support an external bluetooth keyboard. Yes, it's one more thing to lug around, but you have the option of a full-sized keyboard if you've really got to type a novel. Apart from that, swype / slide-it do tend to predict fairly well.
I guess my next phone will just have to be bigger. I am terrible with the little virtual keyboards...
I could crank out 5 texts on my old RAZR V9 using predictive text in the time it takes to type one on my GNex. A full QWERTY keyboard on a phone is about as practical as only having a numeric keypad on a laptop.
I use the screen keyboard for short messages, but for longer texts or emails, I much prefer the physical keyboard on my HTC MyTouch 4G Slide. It gets frustrating trying to compose some messages with the onscreen keys, the "word prediction" always suggesting the wrong word and I have to spend more time backspacing and correcting when if I use the physical keys I can just type and go cleanly and quickly.
This article reads like they're getting rid of the qwerty keyboard and doing a different layout, like azerty
perhaps it's my age, or maybe some other factor, but I miss the mechanics of my blackberry. I have never liked the horizontal slide out keyboards.
but i like keys! (mykeys)
If phone manufacturers were really smart, they would make a larger screen with a sleek profile and amble battery life, the QWERTY keyboard would be resurrected...
But it does not have a physical keyboard, I wish the Note or something similar would come to Verizon ASAP...
touchscreens are better it takes to long to txt on a keypad and swype is better than typing one by one...
i have the Droid 4 and i fucking love it
I hate virtual keyboards on touchscreens. The physical qwerty keyboard is a must for any smartphone I buy.
I like that phone, but I need the screen to a tad bit bigger and I need more battery than 1850 mah
if a Nexus with a physical keyboard came out, first words out of my mouth would be "TAKE ALL OF MY MONEY DAMNIT!"
i personally like having a physical keyboard.sure it may take a nanosecond longer to flip the keyboard out, but with my fingers, its easier to physically press a button..besides if even a single drop gets on your virtual keyboard, it makes it hard to type and you get l;ajsf;ljkslkdfjasldkjf. while with a physical keyboard the keys still function..but as stated, this is just my personal preference..and i am sure that each of you also has your own views and comments about the subject.
Hate the on screen keyboards! Give me a 5 row keyboard...or give me death!
This is effing lame! HTC made the best.... I ditched the epic 4g for the evo shift
yeah I hate touchscreens and would much rather have a QWERTY keyboard :( guess no HTC phones for me
I now have a Tablet in replacement for my broken Nokia N900 and typing on screen is a real pain. How I wish I'd bought something with a keyboard.
If they made awesome phones with cutting edge technologies, huge screens AND a keyboard, that would be great! But as it stands, QWERTY phones with keyboards have been relegated to middle of the road stuff. The last great one IMO is the Droid 1. And I truly miss mine.
Nooooooo! HW is everytime better than SW!
I would prefer a QWERTY Physical Keypad over a Touchscreen keypad. But if the QWERTY makes the phone too big then scrap off the physical one.
Wonderful. I'm still hanging on to an old Samsung Alias (bought in 2008!) for several reasons:
1. I can't afford an Android phone.
2. There don't appear to be any feature-phones* with a physical keyboard that are worth upgrading to.

Seriously, I can't type anywhere near as fast with a 123 keypad or a touchscreen. Whoever decided that physical keyboards on phones should be allowed to die needs to be smacked on the head.

*Note that I am on Verizon Wireless. Only provider in the county that gets a usable signal to my landline-less house.
that's a shame because even though I'm using a screen keyboard, it doesn't come close to being as efficient as a physical
Hrm, I love the touch screen, however, it's interaction with flash onscreen text boxes suck. I wish that they could make it so that it recognizes such a thing.
It's a shame, I thought there was still a market for QWERTY keyboard phones but, apparently not.
That looks so amazing!!! No. It doesn't. That's that.
R.I.P. QWERTY... I'm using a phone with on-screen keypad and it sucks for the most part.
Blinks I'm seeing a few mentions about the onscreen keyboard being in alphabetical do realize you can change it so your onscreen keyboard is QWERTY as well, yes?
No? My friend has an HTC...can't remember what type, and she can switch back and forth. I personally have a Samsung Galaxy S1 and it was in QWERTY default sooo, dunno
I waited months for the Sony Ericsson Pro to come out on contract in the UK just for the slide out QWERTY keypad... gave up waiting though and got an iPhone!
+James R. Newman And what does battery life look like with an external Bluetooth keyboard (not to mention the issues of juggling two separate batteries)?
+Ravi Nanavati , Fair question, unfortunately. Battery life sucks once you move to smartphones from the old Nokia "brick" style, and sucks even more when you turn on Bluetooth. Contrariwise, I tend to have my phone plugged in and charging every chance I get (and have an external battery available for my phone), so it's not quite as painful to me.
In the manufacturer's defense, I think I see why they're doing this - remove the keyboard and you have fewer moving parts (I can't help but suspect the keyboard is a significant point of failure).
I suppose the ideal would be an arrangement akin to the new PadPhone, but without the intermediate tablet - just have an optional keyboard you could lock on and fold closed like a mini-netbook, but that doesn't exist yet.
Bring back grafitti!!!!! I hate on screen keyboa
rd which is why I bought the EVO Shift.....
HTC must be allergic to my money, can get a lot wrong but as long as it's basically functional and has a good hardware keypad, I'm good to go.
obviously it's the market shift so to increase sales then you need to follow or do it better. keypads make the phone thicker so they will loss sales this was. once again the many out way the few. sorry ;p
i was liked the qwerty keypads, not it's touch qwerty pad..i prefer this way
In this way, the phones are lighter in weight and thinner; easy to handle. HTC sensation line and now ONE X, it is the beginning of serious HTC android phones.
HTC should first get serious about OS upgrades and their customers. I see they are quite busy promoting that one x shit and responding to queries on that but dont have time to respond to queries regarding 8 months old phones.
No way. No. I can't type on damn touch screen. My thumbs start to hurt.
Very sad. Between my 3G Droid 3 and my 4G Droid Bionic, it's the Droid 3 I carry day to day, since I can actually respond to emails with it in a timely fashion.
as long as other manufacturers - especially samsung - don't follow suit i guess it's somewhat inconsequential 2 me... but still that sux
Thankfully, I feel Motorola will keep the practice up at least for a while, given their business-ready directive with their Androids.
i have always liked slider qwerty phones the best - android or otherwise. i expect that to continue to be the case until something better (not an on-screen keyboard) comes along (hologram? flawless voice control that only responds 2 my voice? shrug we'll c)
I hate touch screen typing! I always mess up! One reason I went straight to Android when I got my first smartphone, without ever glancing at iphone (which my husband has), was because several of them offered real keypads! I fear that by the time I can get an upgrade, all the keyboards will gone!
I disagree, touchscreens stink for anyone with larger than normal hands. I presonally got a droid 4 and will never go back to software based again.
Guess I'll be keeping my sliding keyboard phone for a long time then. And its fine because I really love my Galaxy I.
You can always buy a Blackberry! Hah.
Too damn bad. Guess my next phone will not be an HTC. I have a Shift right now, and always use the keypad for typing long things (likes this!). Why? Still faster than the onscreen keypad. Sucks too - best keyboard I have had on a phone. Welp, hopefully Motorola and Samsung continue on with slide out keypads.
Well, ive been happy with htc androids, but i gotta admit, next phone is gonna be an iphone
Also, im really happy with touchscreen. Wouldnt wanna go back to button pushing etc
But button pushing is what makes the world go round.
Looks don't matter. Its about usability.
+Christian Auldridge The looks of the device in your pocket only matter to stupid people.

Unfortunately... most people are stupid. :/
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