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Google is now legally responsible for every crazy thing on the Internet – at least, in Australia.
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TJ Evans
I think some people don't realize how the Internets work ... 
The resulting torrent of illogic should be most illuminating.
Australia will lose quality Search as a result. And wait until this hits the social networks!
So I can say all kinds of rude things about Aussie's and Google has to pay the fine to Australia? What a great way for them to create a new revenue stream, might even lower taxes for Aussies.
Funny you said torrent.

Isn't this the same line of thinking for those who say The Pirate Bay are responsible for illegal downloads?
Just another one of those people who wants to sue some company to make a quick buck. I wonder why he didn't sue the company who owned the website who actually published the article. Probably because google has the money to pay up... Oh we'll just my opinion.

Also was this a fine to the Australian government or was this a payment to the plaintiff? The article seems kinda iffy on that. 
Denys S
I guess we all should sue Google when our kids google words like p*rn!
Would it also follow that Facebook is now responsible for stuff that gets posted by Australians? 
Google should black out Australia for a week and you'll see how fast that would change. 
what about china? Google is still available in china or they use a different search engine?
Denys S
I think they have Gaagle or something in China like they always do just changing few letters :)
This shows that Einstein was right when he said that human stupidity is infinite and is evenly distributed throughout the world (including Australia)
I know There are many reasons to support google but I also feels like some of the policies of google is not good for individual. (Specially about the copyright issues)
People need to +1 this that way the article will get seen and something can be done about this.
Why couldn't they just kick them with that giant boot?
So, instead of going after the websites which posted the offending material Milorad Trkulja's legal counsel went after Google and won, did I read it correctly? I can only imagine the precedence this sets for future cases
Google can either suspend their services completely or operate under the law. They're going to spend many resources responding to all requests to remove content....

I'll be honest, i have a zombie facebook account i ditched the email and password for years all my youthful indiscretions lay dormant on the web....i would pay money to get it removed, so it sounds like a good idea if used responsibly. But we know it wouldn't be.
At least in the State of Victoria.
That's like blaming a wall for graffiti being sprayed in it! 
That's like blaming a wall for graffiti being sprayed in it! 
So google will have to decide whether it's worth checking the entire internet for content they did not produce.
Or just pull out of a market with merely 20 million users...
+fran moimoi I would agree with you, Fran, but Google (and other search engines) are walking on a very thin line here.

They publish regular reports on the amounts of sites/links they had to take down to show the public that it's not them doing to censoring.
But they also have to comply with local laws, and they took (I think) a very good stance in China, but it didn't get them anywhere. 

In the end, they either comply or get fined and fined and fined. And that's what rulings like this one are leading to.
They picked a fight and lost, now it's up to them whether to stay in the market and compromise their believes, or just pack up and leave.
As if giant spiders and other horrid things living there weren't bad enough they have retarded courts too. Remind me to never visit Australia.
Just another deep-pockets lawsuit. Google is a big target. If the individual or organization that committed the alleged offense can't pay you enough remuneration, why, go after the big-boy middleman instead.

It's a crock, any way you slice it.
+Noah Whay Actually, it is a nice place to visit. The climate is very similar to that of my homeworld, Vulcan. Not quite as arid, perhaps.
What the,I don't even. Just as many people are responsible for their actions in real life,people are responsible for all of their actions in the virtual life. These people are just using Google as the scapegoat,its disgusting I tell you. 
This is like someone firebombing a house, and then claiming it's not their fault because they saw it on GTA. Oh wait...
To say Google is single-handedly responsible for the content of the Internet is absurd. That is the same type of argument people in the USA try to use to ban guns... Because "guns kill people"... Actually people kill people, not inanimate mechanical objects.
The Internet essentially brings freedom of speech to the entire planet. Many countries have laws that could get people thrown in jail just for expressing an opinion that does not coincide with government view. Do I agree with the content of hate-based websites? Absolutely not. Do I think they should be shut down? Possibly depending on the content. Do I think Google is responsible to shut down a website that it does not create or control in any way? That would be a judge ordering me to reposess my neighbor's car! What the hell does it have to do either me just because I live there? 
This decision needs to be struck down by an appellate court.
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