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Hope so because it looks like Apple will lose more cases including the Samsung case that may be overturned due to the jury foreman having discrimination against Samsung. Apple also now have to pay legal fees for that UK court between Apple and Samsung for being an asshole and not publicly admitting their defeat against Samsung properly in an open letter to everyone. Apple knows that they have been fighting dirty and its biting back at Apple now, hardcore. 
There are only so many things you can patent without disrupting innovation
wonder if they're getting concerned with public opinion of what they're doing as well?
I don't think they are getting softer. Maybe HTC had a great patent to use against Apple & Apple had no choice but to settle.
they don't need public opinion, it's all about the fashion:D
No company making that much money ever seems to "care" how it's being made
No, there is more to come and Apple come at 'em thick an fast
Nope, htc just wouldn't be able to take apple on in court, so they took the safer route
Apple would have won a number of cases against HTC. But would have lost LTE cases and that would have really hurt them. With the potential of them having to shut off LTE on apple devices. So an agreement has been reached. Now you can expect to see Google take advantage of this in the near future with a string of HTC made nexus devices that are free from Apples attempts to patent block them.
No. It is gonna hurt the Google platform. F**k Apple!
It's interesting to see that none of the articles I've read on this have mentioned HTC's LTE patents.

If they're of any use, Apple could have those and protect itself from Samsung (who are HTC's biggest competitor).

If those patents were of any worth, I think HTC may not have come off too badly with this agreement.

All speculation, of course.  No articles have mentioned them, so I'm likely completely wrong.  :D
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