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High-end specs + low price + no wireless contract = Success for the Nexus 4 -
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Sold out in Germany after less then 60 minutes.....
Success kid has to be my favorite meme.
So what's a typical off-contract monthly bill on ATT with data?
Can't wait to get my grubby mitts on one.
+Jonathan Delgado-Bosso The fact that it appears to be selling well doesn't mean there aren't people here in the U.S. who won't buy it without LTE. 
This is very true +Eric Marin , I'm curious to see if it sells out though... But I'm more interested in knowing exactly how many Google has in stock in the first place
The sold out could be a PR ploy. Not something that Apple had'nt done themselves. I think pricing is why people are excited about this phone. Google is flooding the market at the expense of iPhone.
It's not a bad phone, but I bet the stock was very low. The economy is tough, that's why a lot of people choose a cheap phone. Good times for Google. But I still can't wait for the iPhone 5 to arrive here in Taiwan. I can't wait to buy it :)
Sold out within minutes (I'm in NYC).  I fell asleep so no Nexus 4 for me until god knows when smh
Looking forward to getting this at 9 on the Play Store.
Does anyone notice the sucess kid is really just eating sand?
Just saw that it goes on Sale in the US at 12pm EST, YESSSSSS!!!!
Does anyone know when they'll release it again? The website effed up so i missed it..
yeah, I wasn't able to snag one either smh.  I'm wondering if the East Coast got boned compared to the West Coast availability of the phone
Nobody cares about some ridiculously outdated and limited phone Nino, don't be a sad troll. The Nexus 4 is better than any iPhone in every single aspect. Let me repeat that: EVERY ASPECT. Just because Apple milks your money and you being the iSheep think it's all true, doesn't mean it really is. 
Ahh Shutup T_T
You have no proof that the nexus 4 is better than any iPhone.
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