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This BlackBerry 10 handset “leak” looks awfully staged -
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Of course it is, any press is good press right?  Mission accomplished don't you think?
LuciO M
Awful. What an awful hairstyle. 
Nate S
Most of the time, the upper management get test handsets to play before the masses see them. Can I guess that that just might the deal here?
I am shocked!!! (that anyone still cares about Blackbery)
Playbook is a coaster due to BB App Worlds and BB10 most likely will be no different. 
RIM hasn't impressed anyone since 2004, fat chance this BB10 is gonna be a head turner with Windows Phone making new waves. 
ur wrong + victor steinbok
Im gonna get mine in Feb just after the "launch" for just 199 no contract along with a 149 dollar 32 gig playbook!!! Then im gonna download original angry birds for 4.99 from BB App World....even though I can download it for free on Android.
The guy in glasses need a proper manicure.
Presume they stood there like that for five minutes, waiting, hoping for someone to notice.
Yeah, that's how you hold a smart phone when you want to take a picture!
Oh wait. It's supposedly a BB, so it's not a smart phone after all. :)
I like to spin wheel keyboard that they have developed. It's perfect for the people that are still using blackberrys which I know a lot of people that still use BlackBerrys.
At least they didn't leave it at a bar. They would've ran them down and gave it back to them........
If it was my company I'd be using one before everyone else too - just because I could. 
It's not a leak officially until they 'accidentally' leave it in a bar.
It didn't leak at a bar?
Looks like he's trying to conceal a fart
kt mac
BlackBerry. Meh. They missed the boat. It's awful crowded on that catch-up train to nowhere.
It's still hanging around in Indonesia due to its affordability. Although losing ground since there are pretty cheap Android alternatives around now. Specially from local brands and chinese pirate brands.
Is the writer of this mentally challenged? Thorstein has said many times that he uses a blackberry 10 phone. 
Text me when it's comparable to my note 2. Don't worry, I'll wait. 
The display shits on your note 2 and my s3, not to mention bbm and fitting in your pocket. 
Lmao, I smell BlackBerry groupies. Well at very least it looks slim enough to slide into your pussies bitches. Anyone who knows software, knows note2. It appears we have some rookies on board lol. Good night ladies, hope it feels good. 
+Arpin Bhullar I'm used to carrying around large things in my pants. I can see why you'd have concerns as to its size though; tool. It's about functionality, and processing power, not your tiny little hands. Go sit somewhere and be a good little girl while the grownups talk about how horrible blackberry is, or was.
Don't sling shit my friend, I made a comment, you responded negatively for
no reason; justifiable in my opinion.
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