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Microsoft reportedly plans stripped-down Xbox set-top box to compete with Apple TV, Roku -
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No matter what microsoft add the playstation 3 or the next version console is unbeatable! lol
I'm not going to talk trash about a GREAT DEAL!!!

Xbox 360 + $99 = :D
I really don't think the Xbox or PS3 even has to try to "compete" with the Apple TV or Roku. When you can play triple A game titles on those set-top boxes, then get back ot me.
amo a esa tostadora XD siempre voy a jugar con ella
That's funny, an Apple product on a Microsoft merchandise 
I agree with +Russel Samson, other consoles should be doing things to compete with the 360 not the other way around.  The console went from just a gaming machine like the original xbox to a multimedia center which included being able to play triple A games.
+Ryan Peters calm down sir, the XBox 360 leaves a lot to be desired. And where it ranks is not impressive because it is now an entertainment system that does a multitude of things that the game consoles before it did not have, thus not appealing to as many people.
+DeRussell Masina I'm pretty sure the reason Microsoft moved the 360 to an entertainment console also is because they are trying to gain not just gaming people. They tried to remove the consumers from Nintendo who played games that were more family oriented and they did it fairly well.  Look at Sony they did the same thing also by adding Netflix and other services to the console so that you do everything on one console.  I'm not sure why having everything on one console would not be appealing.  Nintendo's consoles are appealing to the masses and they are moving to the entertainment side of the business too.
+Ryan Peters Maybe I did not state my view. It was a great innovative move to make it an entertainment system. However it still has plenty to catch up on. The simple fact that Microsoft owns a browser, called Internet Explore, & just added to the 360 in the last update validates the my point of Microsoft has a lot to catch up to & that is why they are moving in on the space of others. Like Apple thy don't have it all right. My 360 doesn't have a Blu-Ray player, does yours?
If this includes easy wireless streaming of content over wifi from my PC, I'm sold. 
If this can act as a Windows Media Center Extender I'd consider switching from my Roku boxes
I won't use their streaming services as it is.
First you buy the Xbox, want to use hulu and Netflix, but you also have to buy a gold sub to do it?

Xbox can F off for that.

If they drop that stupid gold subscription requirement to use streaming content, then I'd consider it. 
I'll always go for X Box. The features are uniquely done and user friendly
really bos
but my contry can not x box new versi :( so sad
+Annie Giannini i knew that the full 360 could act as an extender but can't afford one in every room. And one can hope that a slimed down UI would be better
Good luck Microsoft, because you are late. I am looking forward Google TV. 
hasta ahora nunca tuve uno de estos,? Solo mi guitarra loca , la que me mata el tiempo... 
dont forget google tv......everyone always does
Sony does make a stream box come with Google TV, and some Sony internet TV. Do you think Google TV should come to PS3? 
+Niels Hansen 
 think that would be awesome they need a better platform but like sell the google tv remotes at gamestop and the play store with a code so you just redeem the code on the ps3 app store and it runs you use the same frequency as a ps3 remote that would be really cool
+pierce gordon If Google TV come to PS3, I am sure Sony and Google will figure out the TV remote, and Sony would sell Google TV remotes for the PS3. If they do this, I agree with you. 
Not too many tech products get EVEN better over time. Just think about that.... Xbox did, so no need to hate on it. The damn thing is still awesome!
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