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Foursquare seeks to flesh out this new round at a pre-money valuation of around $700 million.

What do you personally think Foursquare should be valued at?
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Far less than that. I quit using it and believe it jumped the shark over a year ago. 
I think it is totally worth that and more. It has grown leaps and bounds with it's Explore options... it is in the running to take down Yelp and if that step is successful compete with Google. Go +foursquare!
I'll second what +Kenn Harlem said. Google's not even playing all their cards in local yet. Likewise, I think this is where Apple Maps is going to get their app kicked. 
+Tom Rolfson  Agreed. As soon as google latitude (in some way more intertwined with google local) is updated/released to the mass for check in usage.......FourSquare will have big problems.

I can already see the writing on the wall.
Ed Lea
Google have been trying local for a long time and they are a distant third or fourth. The direction 4sq are going is interesting but they seem to be following others in the "explore" space, not innovating in it. I do think they have massive potential though.

The location space is still being won by multiple verticals and offline recommendations. It will be a long time before we have anything close to a winner. 
+Ed Lea  Google Local was recently introducted.  What exactly do you consider a "long time"??

Or are you confusing latitude with local?  Those are two separate products.
Ed Lea
Google places, latitude, hotpot... at least the 3 years I've been following the space. Recent acquisition of zagat shows they're trying and not reaching the penetration they expected to by now. 
If google ever put all their chips in one basket they would me the best at anything. They did that for years with search and made an empire out of it. Now they're slowly moving into everything. In a few years, all of the sudden it will materialize and BAM. Google will be top players in everything with the most encompassing ecosystem out there. It will be so stealthy, and awesome
+David Kinsey I think it is that massiveness that will cause it to faulter... but I am known to be incorrect in my thoughts. I am human! Which I am very grateful for. ;)
I'm betting on that comment David.  Just got my daughter a Chromebook for Christmas.  Hoping it doesn't go the way of the Newton.
another ipo disaster in the works...
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