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This should be interesting and hopefully inspiring.
I want to know if his challenger can do it.
You can do it just fine, if you like a lot of Peanut Butter/Jelly Sandwiches and Raman Noodles.
If you buy raw ingredients (which are very cheap) and prepare most meals yourself, it's pretty easy to do (and eat very well).

That said, since Mayor Booker has a real, full-time and well paying job, how exactly does he plan on legally qualifying for food stamps?  I can't imagine any legal way for him to do this.
Maybe he'll just allocate the equivolant of the cost of food stamps to his food budget. I'm guessing
Welfare people in Hawaii can buy steaks (and, eat better than me) so why not in mainland...
OK. Why?? he does not have to live off food stamps. He has a J.O.B. Hello? yea it is difficult to live off food stamps, it takes daily difficult financial decision making. If you had this knowledge, discipline and skill, well you would not likely be on food stamps. I think Mayor Booker could make it with no state assistance period if you took everything he had. The difference between the whiners that are complaining about the gift there fellow man has bestowed on them and Mayor Booker is financial literacy. Why are we continuing to hinder the poor by doing for them what they can and should be doing for themselves? America has become a Massive co-dependent. Give them what they need to help themselves. An education in basic financial literacy. Without this no amount of food stamps, no amount of money, no amount of sympathy will help. It will hurt, bad. I applaud the Mayors attempts. I for one know and believe he can do whatever he puts his mind to.He has the initiative, knowledge, discipline to achieve his goals.This is what the people on food stamps lack. We all would be better served having the Mayors time spent on what he was elected to do, lead. Leading a campaign to educate the people on food stamps to help themselves is truly being a leader. Help those who help themselves, that is the best we can do. Stop hurting them by keeping then financially illiterate. 
The object is to be able to take care of yourself not live off the government 
Maybe he should try living on minimum wage 
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