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It's pretty interesting that the whole point of their marketing campaign is we suck marginally less then before? :P
Genius, I like it! (The video not IE - that still sucks... less) 
If it is so great why do not launch it for Linux :)
I wouldn't touch IE   I use Firefox Nightly!
Try using Nightly if you have a 64 bit processor.  It is blazing fast.  It is still in 'beta' but crashes less than Chrome!  running Windows 8 as well!  Have an i7 processor.
I went to give it a try and then found out that it's only for Windows 8, which I won't be getting for at least a year, when it settles down.
By then I hope that it will be seamless to mod the OS back to my preference: blank desktop with new backgrounds every 6 hours and the smallest (modded thanks to stardock) menu bar available.
To be fair, MS has made drastic improvements in IE10, including in the area of standards compliance.
I'd rather use Netscape Navigator than use IE! 
I do find myself using it more and more on Windoze 8, still not as frequently as Chrome but more than I've ever used IE in the past. 
I use a Chromebook, so IE10 isn't an option for me.
You can create a dual boot easily with Ubuntu!
IE is still a piece of shit...Along with windows 8 which really sucks....So no! No progress at all.
+Wayne Williams sure ok just give it another 3 months then come back and tell us how much faster it is then along with your entire windows 7 desktop LOL...
+Kenson M I would just create a USB boot instead of a CD install as it will be much faster.
I use windows 8 and IE10 and BING works so well.  I use the Google search App and Chrome.
Well IE does suck. I tried using IE10 last week but I can't stand the slowness, made my Asus i5 freezed . It's a huge memory hogger
They implement HTML 6 but still aren't the fastest....
Sucks less isn't much of an accomplishment when several of the alternatives are a really great.
+Shreyash Nigam I hope you know that HTML6 does not actually exist. HTML5 has not even been completed yet at least not the full spec. But if you are just stating what the video showed then yeah is bullshit on their part.
It seems like MSFT's advertising campaign for everything W8 related these days is to Troll someone instead of focusing on the product.  yawn.
+Rey Angeles HTML6 does exist it was announce with CSS4 but its not complete , not even 50% complete

HTML5 is the way to go

Try Nightly (64 bit Firefox) it hasn't made the stats yet!
+Skip Stein - Didn't Mozilla announce a couple of days ago that they were discontinuing 64 bit Firfeox for windows (but will continue to develop it for OSX and Linux)?
+AG Restringere - the significance of my question directed at someone else is related to that person's suggestion of trying a different product, which i believe has been officially discontinued.  If that is in fact the case, then adopting that product would not necessarily be the way to go on this platform (at least not if you want 64 bit support - the 32 bit variant will continue to be developed and work as always).
Internet Explorer.....Hmmmm..... What's that?? 
lol and yet they still cant tell me how it performs better than chrome in speed and security. 
I don't think the repetitive imagery of "IE SUCKS" will work in their favor...
I use IE10/Chrome/Firefox, IE10 better works then IE9/IE8, but they should do good browser much eralier.
This Ad better than Cisco shitting on Juniper in its Ads during whole year.
love the ad, but it takes a bit more to make me switch from chrome
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