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Borat will be pleased. This will make benefit glorious nation of Kazakhstan.
the global comparison at least highlights the problem of huge disparity between different states. it's true that it only takes a relatively small population of elites to change the world, but you don't want the average americans to fall behind other countries either...
Eastern European??? LOL 
Not only science tests but also geography knowledge is not good over there I think :)
? Don't be silly. It's a continent with a patchwork of historically warring nations in. Some of us have banded together to form the European Union. It stops us killing each other and works, for the most part.
+Wendy Cockcroft that was sarcasm, some Americans think we are a country or even a state of the US (a classmate told this to my friend who lives in the US)
I can hear Borat laughing now.
Ah. I didn't get what /s was meant to be. The thing is, as you pointed out, +Sander Roelofs, people DO believe this.
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