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Did Facebook give Democrats an advantage on Election Day?
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Really? We're still going on about this and in a tech new site too?
+Phil Priser they're discussing how tech played a part. Personally I feel it's important to understand how things work and play out so those lessons may be applied in the future. I'm tired of election coverage too, buddy. lol
And yet, the ignoramuses still continue to vote for the same tired system and expect a different outcome. More of the same. Yawn. 
I think Facebook serves Democrats better in the sense that inconsistent voters are more likely to go vote with little pushes from social media, where as the Republicans I know (non scientific assessment here...) are all weirdly hardcore about voting and will likely already be voting anyway.

In other words, Democrats are more likely to pick up new voters with tech persuasion than are Republicans. And social networks are great for finding new voters with info mining.

And not to be too political here, but Republicans need to embrace change because their voters are going to all die out while they make the youth the scapegoat of our problems and debt, which just solidifies the Democratic voters for life into their old age. Not to mention the old people sucking out the ss and medicare are the actual sources of our financial shortfalls, making them all seem hypocritical.

That shining city on a hill stuff seems to have devolved into a message of hellscapes and doom to all humanity if we don't choose the Republicans, and it seems pretty petty to me instead of just talking solutions.
Jimbo where did your learn politics. Go back and get full refund. The old people sucking out the Social Security  and medicare are from the generation the earned it. If it is gone by the time YOU start demanding it, blame this one. Further more if there are scapegoats out there, it too is us, All of US. This generation is the one F'ing up the country. Get your facts straight and take a look in the mirror. Congratulations you are what's wrong with America!
No, they didn't.  The Republicans did by not being as good at being nasty.
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