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Who wants a brand new Lytro camera? Make sure you enter -
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Not a worthy prize. It is a buggy device at best and you need to re-process the pictures with a crude software.
Interesting that you say nothing about sharing this on G+.  You should update the post. Thats where I found it.  Plus #LytroMeTC is indeed catchy, so I'm sure the community will share.
You're right!  Not worthy at all.  It is insulting that I be offered the chance to get something like this for free.  I should be paid for it!
Striking feature - this contest, announced on G+,  requires a Facebook "like" to enter. A pity I won't use Facebook.
I always wonder if the people who talk trash about the Lytro have actually used one. For the record I have. I won't say its a perfect device because the initial version is somewhat limited but its still a very cool technology that has some niche use cases even now.

Add in the fact that they keep updating the software and firmware with new capabilities. Most recently the ability to actually shift the perspective of your pictures, including the very first ones taken.

If I have the cash I'll be one of the first people in line for the next generation version of this product and I sure wouldn't mind having an additional one for free.
this will be amazing technology when it gets scaled up. Imagine a HD refocus able picture. I think the possibilities are what is truly amazing about this little guy
Imagine when it scales up and can do HD video.
Seriously don't understand the Facebook like requirement & the post to Google+ what's the point? Personally not on space book & Never joining again. 
does this include shipping to europe ?
+Swapnil Patel $400 for the base model with 8GB of storage and $500 for the 16GB version. I've found 8GB to be plenty.

I'm a long way from a pro but here's a picture that demonstrates some of the strengths of the Lytro.

You can click anywhere in the image to refocus. You can also click and hold and move around to change the perspective. In a conventional camera all the light rays converge to create one picture. The Lytro actually captures and saves light rays from the entire lens so it is possible to view an image from slightly different angles.

Imagine your a tiny person inside the camera lens. As you move around inside the lens you'll get slightly different viewing angles. The Lytro camera captures all of those different viewing angles which is why you can "move around" inside a Lytro image. 
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