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Surely an android app can't be too far off!
Waste of money, power and development time. We don't need light bulbs that are more expensive and use more electricity. We need a cheaper, renewable source of indoor lighting. Spend the R&D dollars there.
Yeesh...$200...give me 1 at $50 or 3 for $100.

Cool, but not $200 cool. Its one of those things you get to have fun with, not plan your lighting schedule with. 
There's cheaper ways to do this, and they've existed for a while now.
What is way.
Will cost more than a house I purchase and in 2 years a better model will come around. Tired of these new ideas that cost more and are useless. 
This post is 2 months late... it was shipping 1-2 months in the September timeframe.  Now with this post you are really talking about putting this in an Easter basket or something... "Available: Now (however online orders currently aren’t shipping for 3-4 months)" 
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