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Firefox OS, the new, HTML5-friendly mobile OS from Mozilla, is today taking a big step forward in its strategy to become a viable third player in the smartphone landscape currently dominated by Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS -
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Interesting. One has to wonder upon which patents it will infringe, and how much royalty money will flow to Microsoft from vendors who elect to use it.
+Mozilla Firefox OS is the way to go for forgotten markets like the ones they are so clearly aiming to. Here in my country I have no doubt  this phones will find a nice core to grow and form a base. But I definitely don't see the OS as one competing for a 3rd or even 4th place in the Mobile OS War, it has it's space, which has been forgotten by Android. Also there's us who support the whole Full-HTML5-Open-Web stuff.
Ubuntu for Phone and Windows Phone both aim directly at a different target regarding the mobile ecosystem, in a way the same target already covered by Android, iOS and BB.
Sorry Mozilla but it looks awful. Ubuntu looks far superior but is a least a year away from completion.
All we need is a mobile device that has made friends with everyone. A device that is free to roam. 
i dunno... ubuntu for phones looks a little more promising
Well, Ubuntu for Phones comes from a company and supporters that have been working on the OS UI business for quite some time now. Even if phones, tablets and TVs are new to them, they have an overall experience.

Mozilla is entering this game for the first time ever, and they could have done a lot worse. I believe they kinda took the safe-path, but that's understandable. Firefox OS will just get better with time, as the browser did.
+T Davis Microsoft...a 3rd the mobile industry? Hahaha, good one, man.
I would test it and debug it but I would never pay for it.
Is that web platform mobile device ? Other wise ubunto is on this way already
So, can the phone do a barrel roll?
Firefox OS is purely web-based HTML5, among other stuff. As far as I'm concerned, Ubuntu for Phones will have native running apps. 
If major handset makers such as samsung or nokia adopts it then things will be more interesting, other than that current hardware model looks pretty mediocre, uninteresting even, making it look like its not ready to be a major player in the market, but what if the software is so damn good ? 
Well... LG made the Nexus 4, and they are one of the official/confirmed partners of the Firefox OS project, so lets see what they come out. Also, given how the OS works and the target they're aiming for, don't expect a hind-end device in the near future, that is not the current game of Firefox OS. 
Kay Eom
What I want is phone with pure mutitask capability without a home key. That's why I am very interested in Ubuntu phone. Personally I like firefox but sorry you're kinda late.
Hmm so what does Firefox OS offer that android or iOS doesn't? 
HTML5 Open Web experience. Apps are not bound to an specific Market. Complete control over your phone as it will be presented just like the browser: Free as in Freedom. Yet again, the OS, and the devices it will ship in, are not intended for a place in the High-End of the mobile market, that is clear.

But for information on the OS, nothing better than just Duck it: 
Doesn't chrome already support html5? 
The whole OS is build using HTML5, what you see in the phone, use, is all the web. In a way, there's more in common, from what I understand, between Chrome OS and Firefox OS than the last with any other current mobile OS.
I am very interested! They are going to dominate a market I care deeply about!
Windows Phone OS is not a competitor right now.. If they couldn't do it even if with hardware made by Nokia... then it never will compete...  I also don't think any HTML based mobile OS will be a competitor (WebOS anyone?).
Peter Griffin voice,"Ummmm.....ok so uhh what so awesome about this?"
Good to see growing competition with prices being forced to go down, smarter devices should be part of competition as well. I guess we will soon end up with very smart devices at shocking low prices...
And the too little, to late, award goes to...
I hope it will handle Adobe Flash more gracefully than the Firefox web browser - else there will be constant freezes, delays, reboots.
Ubuntu might be challenging to share the mobile pie.
As an Android developer, Ff OS is an appealing 2nd option because it means I don't have to learn a different programming language. HTML, CSS & JavaScript are not programming languages really. However if I was to program for iOS or Ubuntu, I'd have to start from scratch. Additionally I would expect Ff OS to adopt compatibility with Google Dart in the future so we can finally kiss-good-bye to JavaScript.
Dart is so retarded. It outputs JavaScript...
Firefox sucks chrome is better
+Jacob Moore I agree! I really am sure that this firefox phone and OS will be a huge failure. Nobody wants a firefox phone.
One time apps is a nice feature. So you get to see a range of apps specifically aimed at what you are interested in at that moment.
Nadim M
Html5 killed the app star? 
Can't wait to get my hands on one of these
+ryan Akuszewski I wouldnt say something that harsh, however I feel quite the same when I see this phone. Who knows, maybe firefox will stay a few days longer than HP did on this market.
Been using Firefox on computer for over 12 years...sure there are a few growing pains but compare to a monopolized Windows OS world or Apple OS world and we'd all be a lot lighter in the wallets... Firefox works off donations...and some can't see the long term benefit of that?
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