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Do you think the Microsoft Surface's web traffic could really catch up to the Nexus products? 
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I thought they were going after iPads...
It could, but I doubt it will, at least anytime soon. For it to happen, MS would have to overcome the growing BYOD trend, and get companies to purchase 'approved' tablet devices for their employees. As long as consumers are making the purchases Surface tablets aren't going to look like a very good deal until there are a lot more apps available.
I´d a pick a Nexus over ms´ tablet any time.
+surendar ag no the problem is with you. With your English! If you are writing something try to avoid grammatical errors. That helps get your point across. 
Surface is going down unless Microsoft builds a viable ecosystem 
MS is between a rock and a hard place. No matter what they do - they are doomed. Surface? Hahaha: I picked N7 over iPad. Surface who? What?
They will naturally start to accumulate tablet share, as people using windows PCs decide to go with a hybrid tablet.
Statistics from ad company chitika are always a poor indicator. There are far better Web metrics out there. 
I'm more interested in microsoft surface for tables and desks. tablets....not so much rather go with an android for that. so call me when microsoft surface tables get below 2grand.
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