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ppl finally got to the bottom of this over hyped company. their patent trolling finally showed who they are as a company.
Having nothing to do with Apple, from their toilet seat iMacs, through their sonically-challenged iPods, to their overpriced and underwhelming interpretations of slate computers and tombstone-like mobile telephones, seems to be the best course of action. 
+TechCrunch I bet fandroids will be mislead by your apocalyptic intro, but the article is actually quite good (it's about AAPL's transformation from the underdog to bluechip). I personally don't care about the stock fluctuation, what's important is that the company keeps launching top quality products that I as a user like. In that regard it's been one of the best years for Apple. They still have the most reliable and best quality products of all tech companies out there. They will keep on rockin' in the next years.
This is what happens to gritty companies, who can't handle the game. ! Don't hate the player, hate the game! 
Kenny Gee
Can't wait 'till all the Iphans come out all nonchalant, acting like this means nothing. Oh wait... too late. What it means is a lot of Apple users are switching over. They are becoming more engaged in technology. I mean, it's nice that there's a company out there that decides to refine existing components instead of advancing. That's a great model for stability. But the fan-base for Apple is starting to jump ship. It's understandable. Maybe because their devices are twice the price for no reason other than the masses will pay it. Looks like they now realize this. Or it could also be that no one's buying their most expensive products anymore because they were forced to create a cheaper device. Who knows what the real reason/reasons are, but there are many theories. No one really knows the mind of an Apple user besides another Apple user..
+Kenny Gee Jumping ship, while the sales of iPhone, iPad and iMac keep going up all the time this year? Apple haters are living in an alternate universe.
Yea. They really pushed the people away with their antics lately.
dorio x
Good for You Apple.
Kenny Gee
And they completely avoid the topic of this post, only to troll android commenters. Wonder why that is...
I love how people that have no knowledge of the market sees this as a reflection of Apple's decline. It's a freaking number that people with a lot of money fluctuate, Apple is still selling a LOT of hardware, a lot of apps, getting a cut of every song, movie, and tv show on iTunes. Wall Street doesn't really reflects how good a company is doing, it's like a second economy that tend to fuck up the "real" economy. Just rich guys playing dices.
Simply put, When Jobs kicked it, the wind(bag) behind the sails has died down considerably. Yes - people are jumping ship, but not simply because they are waking up to the 'status' con of apple, but because as people are growing more accustomed to technology, they want to get out of the little, closed, safe iBox. Android, being open source just has too much development force behind it. All Apple can do is sue - it's an obvious flailing of their corporate arms as technology outgrows Apple. It's ludicrous. I will never own their products, simply because I don't like my property dictating to me what I can and can't do with it. 
The market itself is testing its 6 month low, so this decline isn't unique to Apple. Their next quarter will show the impact of the iPhone 5 and iPad mini and that will say a lot more about where Apple is headed than what is going on right now.
LuciO M
TechCrunch baiting for
You guys know this is Android country.
What's the next question? > How soon before Apple collapses? lol
Love TC for comedy relief. 
+Aaron Camus So what can you do that I can't with my iDevices? What kind of stuff are you producing that I can't? I have apps for almost everything on my iPad and iMac, the quality is top, the performance excelling.
How about patent stock price...Apple?. See anyone would care about it
Kenny Gee
Apple isn't dead. They will never die (much to my chagrin.) Just relax. So they're at an all time low, and...? And +LuciO Morales is right. Why are there even Apple fans here? Isn't there a Apple social site they can go to? Lol.... This is Google, you can't hate it and use it's services. I don't go badmouthing Apple while I'm listening to the music Itunes made me pay to borrow. And let's not turn this into a troll war. People like apple, that's fine. People like Android, and that's fine. Thank God for competition or we'd all be stuck with crap.
Microsoft is no competition for Apple... At worst, Apple will be the second biggest mobile phone and software platform....
I have the iPhone 5 and the HTC Windows 8 Phone. Only keeping one of the two and I'm finding the iPhone 5 is so much more user friendly. They may be having a market adjustment but they are still Number 1 in Smartphones
This all just seems like a market correction for not being able to sustain their explosive growth any longer.
Lol people should have cashed out after the release of the iPhone.
This dosent show apples decline this shows the people invested in apple dont think they are going to innovate. Apple is not number one anymore after galaxy s3 so idk why people are mentioning them on top still. The only control tablet market. Smartphone market is so much bigger. 
wow, all the Apple haters coming out .... relax, Apple will be just fine.  Did not die in the 90´s and will not die soon.  No company is insured for life, even once almighty Microsoft is rolling down.  Nokia, Rim, Palm, HP, ...
Get on your knees and beg for Google's help Apple like the good little slut you are.
Psssst.....Google is also down.....from a high of $768 in September to $647 now......but that's OK???
+Lori Kober Try downloading a song for free with an iPhone. With an actual app. 
People have been saying this for years and nothing. But I must admit I am seeing the end of the road coming very shortly. There are too many signs that are obvious, but the real nail is that Steve can no longer come back to save the day. People really need to think long and hard how important just having that ace was. So yes it's coming just connect the dots.
Steve Jobs was apple simple as that. He dead and so is apple, as a great company at lease. 
+Dana Davis I don't download songs & waste storage space. I prefer to stream my music
Nexus 4 beats iPhone 5 on every level. 
This is the day I have been waiting for. You could tell this was going to happen sometime soon. But, as usual, they will steal someone else's great idea, then sue the company they stole it from, then they will be on top. #boycottapple
+David Chan Really? Try to drop them at the same time and one of them will shatter into thousand pieces. It won't be iP5.
+Tyler Johnson i bet you the galaxy s3 will be a hotter holiday gift. It will sale more as it has ever since the iphone 5 has been released. So things have changed. Aha your late my friend 
+Nino Novak Tell them both to navigate you to a pacific place. Only one will do it correctly! And it wont be ip5
Paul Ch
Nexus 4 has the key.
Dont mess with Linux!
Should ve learned from SCO.
Its an absolution to their arrogance ~
Macbooks are nice.. if only they didn't cost three times what an average laptop costs, I would have gotten one a long time ago. But I do love android and windows 8 looks ok for desktops and laptops.
I think they should focus on macs, the tablet thing is a fad imo
+Nino Novak exactly my point you protect this phone and you ask me what place because it can't work every where in the world. Some places it works some places it does not. That a phone that your arguing is the best. Ah and lets say san fran or new york there are a lot of specific places i can name. Thats not a number 1 smart phone by any means 
I'm glad to hear this. Soon enough Google, Samsung, HTC, and Motorola will get the credit they deserve.
Good riddance. It's about time people realise how uberhyped they are.
Rob Go
Cook was bad choice to lead. Absolutely NO charisma.
The competition has clearly caught up with Apple.  Competitors were able to close the gap much quicker on tablets than they were on smart phones.  
Implying Apple was ever good.
On the topic of stock performance, if you bought apple at anything less than $300-350 you're happy. Apple has more cash than is even fathomable by a mere mortal.

Long on Apple. But if you aren't rich or didn't already buy in years ago, stay away, Apple's growth potential has already taken its largest leap. 
Their decline started under Jobs.  This company became Microsoft like quite awhile ago.  It just took this long for the sickness to spread throughout. 
Just check out C Net or download the C Net app to see the top phone. 
So basically apple is becoming a steadfast company like Home Depot or Sears so does that mean a Lowes type company will come along and cut the Technology world in half like two Big Fish in a little pond? like um Google?? Lol Just Sayin!!
Oh god I sure hope its over soon. Keep crashing please.
I did hear that they get their chips from samsung who did they sue again?
just like microsoft, apple is suffering from a full moon effect. now they have to decline.
+AJ Bellarosa Apple was a leader for a while, but the only thing that they really lead in now is build quality. The iPad mini is a definite sign of decline.
Stop saying you don't work for Apple in every post and maybe I'll believe you.
+Nino Novak I totally agree! Apple makes the best top. Quality products on the market!!! And they outsell all others!!! 
My Nexus One is nearly three years old and it's a more formidable machine than the iPhone 4s in almost every way measurable.
I honestly prefer HTC build quality over Apple's. But I'm probably the only one..
You mean no one has seen this ploy that has been in effect sin 1974 when they use to work out of Woz's patrent 2 car garage, in a valley near Silicon Valley.
And meanwhile, down in Hell, Steve Jobs is pissed because his reception sucks and he can't make a post. 
Don't forget that he's crying because of apple maps lol
The amount of blind hate and stupidity some people are showing in these comments is ridiculous. Grow up. There f***ing computers for Gods sake. Get a grip. 
Android is ghetto and unpolished. iOS is static, stagnant, but polished and it "just works." Increasingly, I'm tempted to choose "ghetto" over mundane. Before I make the switch, I'm certain that Apple will reconcile the "mundane" with something brilliantly innovative that prevents me from jumping ship.
Apple's best days were 5-6 years ago.  They've been dead for a while.
After I'm done with my 2 year contract with iPhone 5 ill be switching, iphone is not the best anymore, but I'm not saying that the iPhone is bad
They have been saying this for years..every year apple is declining, it's failing, it's the end! . Give it up people, apple is not blackberry. It's here to stay. 
I predicted this more than a year ago Tech blogs failed to see this.
Apple last good product was iphone 4 ever since then they been shit and will stay shit. I Like macs tho. 
Whatever said an done, apple products are/were trailblazers!
I remember Aaron Baker saying that he could see Apple falling just like RIM is now.
Ah, the sweet feeling of schadenfreude. 
I don't dislike Apple and I've never owned their products, but I think they'll need to come out with something that's next gen or completely different soon. Maybe Apple TV will conquer a chunk of the cable provider business, that'd help.
The iPhone 5 has a smaller screen, slower processor, lacks the ability to surf the web and make a phone call, iTunes suck, the ios6 update is killing iPhones, the apple maps are ridiculous and now they're talking about a 5S less than a month and a half...SMDH
Oh good God. The stock is at $500+. I remember when it was under $20/share. Chill people. Apple makes fantastic products (just like Samsung). If they survived the 90s (when Windows fanboys were saying worse than Android fanboys here are saying) they'll be fine. 
Little dramatic, don't you think?
Oh don't get me wrong, I own a macbook pro and an iMac.I own a first and second Gwen iPad, and the latest iPod touch. I personally like apple, but I do seriously think apple doesn't deserve the credit they're still getting even though they're not the ones innovating anymore.
Apple is good at marketing, brain washing weak minds into thinking their stale eco system is utterly amazing. I had a 3gs years ago and recently played with an ip5. Not much has changed. I think just notifications. I'm not a fandroid just a consumer that buys what's best for me at the time. This time the n4 has the best value. 
This article is silly. It doesnt seem anyone is actually reafing the article just the title
With all the cash they have on hand...they will not let a short-term trend hurt them.  Buy low, sell high!  Now is the time to buy!
I think that windows is also somewhat diminished, though they still have better stuff
Funny how apple users defend their products like it was there only child, same can be said about android users. Calm down. people feel more comfortable with a certain product it's there choice. No reason to get angry and put down other people's choices. 
No all the stocks are soon to go up and some to crash 
+Nino Novak Top notch devices.? By that you mean looks and no hardware right.? Lol. Yes,I'm an android fanboy,but am a bit more open to both platforms. Apple has a more simple os but lacks in hardware. 4glte.? Androids had it for +2yrs,1Ghz processors.? Also for +3years. Apple isn't innovating with their patent trolling leaders. They attack who they see as a threat to their phone. I like the look of an iPhone,but am I gonna buy one just cause its an iPhone.? No,untill it has on par hardware with android then I might. Getting my one x+ soon,and lemme tell you its far better then the iPhone 5. A quad-core processor,better Ff camera,bigger Hd display,and just better overall. JUST SAYING. :)
+Nino Novak lol why the heck would you drop a phone that costs 300$? Its called a case too btw.
Must be because of them announcing a new ipad so early that has no cosmetic changes
Apple will be dead as long nobody talks about it. As for now.. they are still hottest topic even in Android communities.
Apple will be fine.......... All these companies from apple to Google to Microsoft to Samsung to Amazon need each other symbiotic relationships...... where all these companies vibe with each other of one goes down they all go down

Count me in as one of the Apple haters. When I first began teaching, my school district was badly crippled by all the needless expense of their overpriced, proprietary junk hardware. And I despise Microsoft, too, especially while Ballmer continues his boorish bluster.  Thank goodness for Google's continued growth. Their cloud based approach and chromebook technology are a huge benefit to educators and students; although, I fear that it's only a matter of time before they become despicable, too.  
who cares about apple anymore 
r.i.p steve jobs
+Richard Riley please do yourself a favour and do your homework before you start bashing a product you've likely never used. Pure ignorance out of you. 
+Nino Novak I never said they were at an all time low, the stock market said that. Don't get all whiny @ me. I didn't give you the bad news....
Maybe, but the past will carry for a while ... With me at least

That was a VERY favourable article to Apple.  I don't think I know of anyone who has had an Apple product and been happy with it.  All hype and fanboys...
Please make it so I fucking hate this company and most everything it represents. Putting out a new phone every year, forced upgrades, making you but new accessories for every gen released. No access to the battery or sim card. No option to upgrade the memory. All around bad business model. Marking up the phones substantially and paying workers next to nothing for manufacturing them. They had a good idea but in the business ethics dept this company gets an F
So we know how to find those that have been brainwashed by Apple, just show anything Apple and they become hyper happy. Now to find the proof that the O'buma election crew hacked into Apples secrets to find the brainwashing  code to use for his wining the election.
The only thing I like Apple products is their screen display. That is all.
+Cheeky Raffy I have to admit they do have decent hardware, although I hate the idea of not being in control of your own product.
How many of you actually read the article? Apple isn't going anywhere 
+Nino Novak the iTroll. You just won a free seat on my blocked list train. Man it's so easy to spot you guys.. 
You know what? I think I hate just about every single person posting on here for their blind ignorance -___- for crying out I wonder how people are demanding that other people's jobs are destroyed? It's just a damn tech company. Get over it people. 
The crApple is sinking. Glad my money isn't there.
+David Jewett It's more than that. It's a tech company that has huge influences on the way that we interact with, think about, and allow technology to influence us. Do we want to rule our devices in the future or have a company own them for us? Google, Microsoft and Apple all have very different philosophical outlooks in terms of the future of technology and how we interact with it. Whoever is ultimately most successful could have enormous effects on all of our future. This is like politics. Depending on who wins, it could affect your future life drastically.
Hey Apple:

……..(’(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
……….”…\………. _.•´
I guess the solution is make Apple products less expensive like iPad for 399 and min for 199
Apple's best days past years ago after the success of their iProducts and now all they make is substandard products with pretty Apple logo and tell consumers they should buy it because it's an Apple product. I for one, am happy to see them go. Apple has become a morally bankrupt company whose only interest is corporate profits. 
Serves apple right for going around and suing every company  it thinks is going to give them competition got to love karma.
+Lori Kober actually they are number two. The galaxy s3 passed the iPhone as the number one phone and android has 72% of the global smart phone market. iPhone is #2 no matter how you look at it.
Scott Forstall sold 95% of his stock in May.  Probably saw where things were headed.
Just a year ago both my wife and I had iPhones and we owned a 27 inch iMac. Now that we've opened our eyes the only Apple product remaining in our home is a pair of those crappy earphones. We just bought 2 Nexus 4 and sold that overpriced computer at a huge loss but still managed to buy a better All-in-one PC and a great laptop, both HP's. Couldn't be happier.

My name is David, and I'm Apple free. 
As a heavy linux user, this is a strange thing to say but here goes. Apple is a great company with a lot of great products. They just got too used to being the popular kids and thus became assholes. They are due for a humbling experience like losing their place at the top. I feel like they will become a much more respectable and reasonable company in the future if they don't freak out and ruin the company. At that time, maybe their products will be worth the consideration of purchase.
+David Perez I really want a Nexus 4 with my $35 /mo Virgin Mobile plan. The service I get is great. But that Nexus 4 is what I really want. Pure Google. Great quality. Great price.
Oh i know where is the problem. Some people just can't get over this: No apple=no android. 
What a trollfest!
I HOPE they're best days have passed.
+Clarence Andringa I had to sell it to buy both the Desktop and laptop PC's. But I realized buying the iMac was the worst investment I've made in my life. I was caught in the hype and gave in but it won't happen again; if I need another computer it won't me an Apple one.
+mirko trojan you have that in the opposite order, its funny that apple gets these "new" features android has had for years.
+David Perez It's always great to hear success stories! Congratulations on making the switch to Android and Google!
Look at their 20 yr trend. Apple ALWAYS rebounds. Just like real estate. Buy this stock immediately.
"Unprecedented" marketing of so many Apple products in such a short period of time he says. Kinda like dumping your whole tackle into the lake to see what bites?
+mirko trojan there made from two different systems. Android be Linux and android was made way before apple even released the iphone. So how is android success because of apple aha. Idiot.. Plz stop talking. 
cook has no idea what he is doing, apple tanked when jobs left the first time, then he had to come back and resurrect it.  Now that he passed away history is repeating itself.   
Hi apple patent this principle of big drop before your big launch.
I'm not a fan of how Apple has been conducting themselves lately, but I don't think this is an indication of anything major....yet.
Why is it that thise in countries whi cant buy or affird a Mac always are the first the diss the Mac...the average mundane person can use whatever they like and brag but for thise who take their work seriously will use a Mac (case in point look at the people at JPL... What are they gonna use a pc or some samsung crap no I dint think so) so the stock is diwn but the quality is still there 
Brian White, an analyst at Topeka Capital Markets, is maintaining his lofty $1,111 price target. That’s more than double the current price and the most optimistic forecast on Wall Street. I think he picked that number out of his ... hat.
Sometimes it feels like G+ became a refuge for Apple trolling crowd.
I love the negative apple narrative the google+ promotes. And oh my, goog has been trading lower in the last month too. Technology must be dying...SELL SELL SELL! Geez, stop being fan boys fan boys when looking at the market. 
No they haven't. Google+ is so samsung/droid biased its like a cult following here. 
Aaron... Apple stoled from Xerox and Google stoled from Apple and so on... That is what I meant.
+Raymond Wilson I'm always amazed by people talking nonsense and calling idiots other people saying facts. Android is based on Linux kernel - but OS itself was conceived when Google and Schmidt personally knew about iPhone development. Secondly, if you want to talk about boring trivia - iOS is based Mach kernel which was developed long before Linux. So get your facts straight. 
You should have specified better Mirko, the statement you made was very open to interpretation.  On that view you are right but that goes for everything from car companies, to restaurants, etc.  The problem majority people have though is you always hear about apple going after another company over something stupid.

They just can't accept the fact that not everyone wants to use their products.  I enjoy seeing apple release products, it helps with competition. But getting your panties in a knot every time a competitor outdoes you is not helping them.
And if they keep suing every company in the globe its going to continue dropping. Investors want innovation. That's what keep technology companies afloat...
+Jeff Rosales It's not just G+, but an army of PR people sponsored by Google, Samsung and Co. People are easily manipulated. I kind liked when it all started 2 years ago, because it actually played well for competition and constructive criticism of Apple policies and products. But now it turned into plain and stupid bashing Apple contest. Kids...
+Aaron Couts  And how Apple goes after people who don't want to use their products? Does it knock on people's doors or threaten to kill those who disobey? :)
Being a Linux Fanboy heart and soul i am happily worshiping at the altar of Android. I work with Macs extensively and although they are somewhat nice they can't possibly justify the price. Sure they are both derived from Unix but what irritates me the most about Apple is the "you do it our way or GTFO" attitude they have and the fact that their new motto seems to be "Innovate Never, Litigate Ever". The average consumer will never justify in their mind paying over 1,000 for what they can get for 500. 
Android and other OS' are really good. But don't forget that Apple Inc. has over $123b cash to buy 100's of innovative companies or to research and develop new products to add in existing product line. They still have most of the same visionary top level employees. It is just a Wall Street that is making it big drama for one of the fastest growing company. 
+Ian Meredith Back in days Apple actually payed money for some PARC licenses and hired top people who worked on Alto at PARC. If Apple stole anything, it was people. Xerox never had any business plans on releasing GUI and technologies they developed. Look where Adobe and 3Com (Ethernet) came from. Right, from Xerox. People just left company and took IP with them.
I think the problem with Apple is that they have not really made any major updates since Siri. In order for Apple to keep or grow their share of the market, they will need to be a step ahead of Android phones at all times. 
Just read an article about Google being in talks to start a wireless company as well could make things very interesting.
I might have to consider buying stock in a company I don't like. They will bounce back.
Well, this is certainly as expected, where is that scum market analyst that projected Apple will hit $800? show your faces so i can LMAO.
if they stopped trying to "tell" the market what they want and started making products they want they would not have this problem
Apple fans have moved on from trolling, have matured in the recent years. You have degraded. It's quite disappointing what Google+ has become.
So we know what is better out of litigation vs. innovation.
According to Apple Maps Israel just fired rockets at their next door neighbor Japan.
Greed (law suit fiasco), lack of innovation, half-arse product and iOS development has led people like me to abandon apple's continued current policy of just making money off of Apple's namesake. Come on Apple, when the nexus series are selling for way less, and offering better packaging and Androids continual enhancements, even the diehard apple fans may loose confidence in Apple mobile products. Till apple changes their policy of greed, the iPhone 5 will most likely be my last mobile Apple device. Can't wait to see nexus-motorola-google devices!
Judging from his most recent post, Nino Novak has evidently muted himself.
They've got some life left in them at the moment, but even sheep run when the barn is on fire! (Well, most of them anyhow)
Company need to focus on innovate rather than profit. 
Number one is innovate,  and number two is profit.  This is a reason why I like Google so much, because they keep up innovate rather than just focus profit. In my opinion, I don't give a rat ass how much money they make, and all I care about is innovate. If I work for the company, I rather work for less money, and just worker harder on innovate. 
All those who live in apple egg shell has no idea what's really happening in outside world obviously if you tell a chick inside an egg shell that world outside has big roads big building lots of this and that it will never believe you and it will consider the egg shell his whole universe
+Niels Hansen It's easy to focus on "innovations" when 90% of your business is ad money. And still.. what does it exactly innovate on? Repackaging open source projects is not Google's invention. Apple at least created XCode developers. Google with all billions of profit did not even care about making tools for Android developers (Eclipse cough-cough).
As for threads "about a Google related issue, that has over 200 comments by lunatic Apple fanboys bashing the company and its products" those are pretty much everywhere except Google+. Because, duh. Only the very bottom of the barrel of Apple trolls signs up for a Google product to spend time bashing Google. Even so, they still crop up... case in point.

Show me the hordes of Apple-bashing Google fanboys on iTunes Ping, and then we'll talk about who's a troll.
After reading this article I've realised that TechCrunch is still brown-nosing Apple. LAME!
May be they need another dozen of law suits. More investment to stupid fightings.
Hurry guys, lets make some link bait and mention Apple to we can get some clicks !
Like I've been saying for the last two years...  Apple is on it's way out, and the Market will straighten out this absurd over-valuation of a company that has bad ethics, steals peoples ideas, and has shit products.
+Alexander Avseyev Project Glass? tell me that isn't innovation. Google Now, which just received Popular Science's Innovation of the Year award? Maps, with indoor maps and now underwater street view? Photosphere, new to android 4.2? Google Instant with previews in search results? Please do your research before claiming that Google doesn't innovate.
Anyone that say's Apple is doomed is full of shit. 
+Alexander Avseyev For example, Google innovate cloud computer, sync all in one Google account, making Google Chrome faster, simpler, and more security. Gmail, has a better spam protection, last, making java script faster. Remember, Google is taking small step to make sure it will work better. Oh I forget, I think Google invented street view maps, but I could be wrong. 
Well , if .. Say sebastian vettel starts losing his races... Or chris gayle stops hitting sixes, do we consider that they have to retire...? The answer's No... Same is with apple.. When we discuss the losses.. We also keep in mind that it has been one of the best companies ever...
I think maybe the company in consolidation stage and during that stage the company run slow down to perform the capital consolidation and after that they boost the performance with a competitive product. It's interesting to see the up next performance of the struggle apple 
apple is finished unless they unearth another Steve Jobs... 
Having an A+ is easy, keeping it is an other story. "Dangerous minds"
Apple may have had a great run but Google is taking innovation from here fellas for so many reasons. Google Glasses, Nexus devices, Google driverless cars, Google Fibers, Google +, Google Wallet becoming available in every website. Google Chrome, Android. Should I keep on going? Google is going to have a vastly larger eco system than Apple. :-) 
Apple's issue? Nothing new.  No /really/ innovation with an AppleTV (the existing one IS great, but when are they going to open it up to apps fully?).   iPad mini is... well, it's ok.  It's obvious where/how they cut corners, and in reviews against other smaller tablets, it's not the best all round that Apple usually gets, the retina screen WILL be the next update.  iPhone5 is... well, what ARE people expecting?  Though with Ive in control now, there's chance for something really innovative.  That Android's had live wallpapers/Widgets/Impressive Notifications/hovering apps/multiWindows ,and ios is only just getting caught up, though without widgets (Which is crazy, Mac's had them, they're great, people like them, why weren't they implemented?)
Investors want growth, massive profits, and market share /might/ shrink, profits very much so, thus share price will fall.
That they gave a dividend out, great to investors in the short term, but imagine what they could have done if they'd kept it?  Bought TMobile/rolled out LTE to every iPhone5 in the US/Europe as an exclusive.  Perhaps Jobs had the right idea all along.
hey all you people stop saying mean things about apple! 
Apples problems stem from the complete lack of innovation the company currently has.

All its latest release are just attempts to catch up with the rest of the market, adding features other devices have called "the norm" for a number of years now. Also I changing product size to try and compete also.

The announcement of the iPhone 5 led to one thing, an increase in sales of the Samsung Galaxy SIII. With people realising it was bringing nothing new to the table and although they added many new features (that everyone else already had), it was still along way off being able to do what its main rivals could. This led to many just getting Samsung GSIII, rather than wait for the very unexciting iPhone 5. Am certain we would have seen an even greater shift if so many people hadn't invested so much money in app for the iPhone and not wanting to buy them all again.

If App makers were to suddenly make apps purchased on one platform available on all platforms, we would begin to see a much greater shift away from Apple. Binding apps to email rather than platform would represent a massive step forwards.

Apple now have to come up with something new to turn things around. I can't remember the last time I actual saw an Apple device that was a complete innovation and not just a copy of something else.

iPhone - name stole from cisco - design from LG.
iPad - copy of the much earlier Microsoft tablet.
iPod - very much a copy of an Intel mp3 player that came out a year or so earlier.

The company has been founded on stealing ideas and revamping/rebranding. Throwing mass marketing at them and then claiming it to be the next big thing. People don't want that anymore, they actually want the next big thing, not a remake of something that came before. 
What goes around comes around. Greedy corporation.
I hate apple. I've never wanted one because they make me feel elitist.
So much hate here. I have both the S3 and i5 and like them both. Remember..they are just phones!
Don't think so. I have a feeling they have got some big things goin on behind the scenes. Eyes free, tv and music to name a few.
Maybe in terms of phones but they can do a lot with the ecosystem they have created. Which is imo the best thing Apple has ever created.
+Adam Black android and ios both came from Linux, so that kinda ruins your argument
Just need to create a new product rather than evolve the old ones. That, though, is easier said than done.
This logo is apple music not Apple mac. There differnt companys. Split years ago. Sorry guys the mac still lives.
Agree. Its not the phone. The phones great. Its how they running their
business. The way they 'secure' their poducts through overkilled patents.
Google with their Android is great. They doing it fairly. But thats my
personal opinion.
Apple, Mac Let me say it like this Sales might be down but my computer is still strong , the stock market is a rash from a dirty  diaper..
Google stock is also falling since 3 months, to put things into perspective.
+Andrew Sergeyev wrong, its the now and 4.2 jellybean proves it. Nothing changed. The future are the same prayers, Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Sony is the trump card.
Their product Quality is good.
grabs popcorn and start reading
+Chetan Sharma Just wanted to point out most technology stocks are in a down trend for at least the last 3 months, not only Apple. So you can compare them in that respect.
In life its change or be left behind. Apple's lack of innovation is its undoing. 
I'm sure the iPhone 5s will bounce this company back.

Hahahaha!!! Oooh boy. That was easy.
+Nino Novak If you drop any droid vs iprod, the droid will most likely scatter to three pieces: the battery, the backlit and the front end with the hw + screen... Now the iprod will maybe not scatter because abble deadbolts their devices, but the screen will break. The droid screen will usually stay unharmed, and the phone will work after recollection...
I think the apple corporation will always have a significant market share. But because they are not innovating as strongly as the competition they will lose position.
The breaking into pieces is to disperse the energy of the drop - it's on purpose. The same reason the back of Note 10.1 is a little bendy - to disperse energy in case you drop it.
They always just keep litigating to keep the funds rolling in..
Ryan R.
Every empire fails .history shows that!!!
How funny. Let's be honest, it doesn't really matter at all. None of this is life or death, a phone is just a phone, in ten years they will all seem old and useless and the users will have new teams to support/hate/love for no real reason. Funny how these large corporates are treated like teams we support or not and that's brilliant for them but not so great for us. At the end of the day none of them are evil or good, they just are. Put the same amount of energy you put into loving or hating them into fixing your political structures, helping people who are oppressed, taking an active role in your community. These are only phones/computers and shareholder profit machines :-) 
The mistake some will make is to not buy back in to Apple now that they are down. Microsoft is in the process of fumbling another phone... Nothing changes... The war will continue between Android and Apple.

Sent from my iPhone



The fact that it's still in the highlights shows how well known it is.. for all that it is!
Thieves may be not happy...may be crying...
I don't even know how an iPhone is considered a smart phone. Since the first Gen it hasn't been able to do anything close to other phones on the market. I guess advertising is an amazing thing.

I'm not even a hater, over the past year I've managed to go from a die hard Linux guy to a MacBook pro fanboi. I love the darn thing and all my iPod too. But to think ANY iPhone is a great tech devise is a joke. I can't find a use for my iPad either. If I don't have my laptop I use my s3 for everything and the darn iPad is nothing more than a $600 Netflix player. Using that has made me realize even more shortcomings on the iPhone. Some how I managed to skip the iPhone craze. Went right from windows mobile to android.
Is there an iTP app? I would like to wipe my arse with the iPhone 5!
Regardless of the numbers, Apple still is the best company selling top quality products and devices..
+Nino Novak humm...paddling against the tide are we? Here, take a life raft fully stocked, you'll need it! 
Their best days were over the day Wozniak left.
+Nino Novak you don't have chrome, live wallpapers, widgets, flash and idevices usually don't have good multitasking
Maybe it's just a case of bad apples.
i hope apple can produce real apple fruit from phones
so a companies stock goes down and it means its the end of the company?Yeah right. 
Its about time and very justified....been selling revamps of the same old crap for years

People who ridicule Apple's share are dumb headed. Everything in the world will drop after it reaches the hugest peak, then incline back again! Stupid fandroids
+Manny Echavez

iOS DOES have chrome.

Live wall paper- we have it but don't use it, plus it drains battery life and has no practical use so I don't even use live wall papers on my s3 and nexus 7.

Widgets- elaborate this point

Flash- android dosen't support flash either

+Manny Echavez

Good multitasking- the only app I have seen that supports the android style of multitasking is chrome. 
Anyone remember about RCA stock?  A lot like Apple stock pre Great Depression. 
De-stocking :-) Like all the big investors. Steve = death
+Nino Novak oh look its nino the ifan of the decade chowing down yet again on idick, frazzles the brain haha
There was a similar profit taking movement at approximately $360 when the stock dropped to $220 and the EXACT SAME set of arguments were placed in the news... The Doom of apple and the start of the end. Today we're at $525 and the same arguments are coming up. Let me remind the Fandroids on this board that barring one bond guru who pegged the bottom at $425 others are saying the bottom of this bear run is at about $515. Barring one critic who thinks its the end of apple the rest of almost ALL investment banking firms have pegged it at the $900 price target in the next quarter and NONE of them have revised their estimates. Bottom line is that a lot of people are finding that Apple is going to find it difficult to grow from here and certainly at the rate that it was going through in the last 5 yrs, so, they're dumping the stock to put their money into more aggressive growth low value options ( and there are abundant out there). This is just a temporary phase. All those of you who are not investing in the stock at these levels are about to lose a near 100% increase in value over the next 3-6 months. Then keep coming back to this article read my posts and barf yourself to sleep every night. +Nino Novak 
It's just hilarious that Nino has even brought the iPhone 5 into a heavy argument....on Google+ (key word!)
Ryan Ng
Yes they have
By the comments, I see Google+ is on its way to being like Facebook.
I have owned apple products for the last 6years . The other day me and my wife decided to try out an android product (Samsung galaxy note 2) . Well let me tell all you apple customers YOUR MISSING OUT! The functionality and customizable nature of android is WORLDS apart from ios. I Will never go back to ios again. Not unless they show me they can evolve with technology. Steve Jobs is sorely missed. So I must say to all apple customers, take a chance make a change and you'll see exactly what i am talking about. 
isn't it strange how, in the business world, a company can make mega-billions yet still be considered to be crashing. 
Its called profit taking when things become uncertain especially when the end of the year approaches.

 Mutual Funds are coming to the end of the year, they have nice gains. As they sell, and the price drops more and more, folks opt to get out before they see more of a drop, as more sell, more try to sell..and down it goes.

Apple has in particular been suceptable to this kind of emotional movement following price changes.
Anyone notice how the Analysts who predicted a rise to $1000 have all gone quiet?
I bet they all sold by now with ordinary investors holding the hot potatoes.
This is the peak of Apple, the only way from here on is downwards
Fellow droidians...ubderstand this is still equivalent to a person who made 10million last year, only making 5 this year. Apple is still very very rich. 
+Shreyash Nigam huh? My S3 supports flash just fine. Chrome and Dolphin both do...? Where you going with that statement...
Nope! Not being able to meet consumer demand is a GREAT problem to have!
Apple Have to patent this word :
Apple products still amazing, stock market aficionados still not.
Apple is good but you are allways caged! 
+Steve Duncan Apple has lost over 20% of its common stock value since October 1st. If it is not a crash, then it is a major correction.
I don't think apple are at deaths door, they do maybe need to really think about their current business model - it relies on them being 'cool' and 'cool' is hard to stay being when others are doing what you do better. They were awesome. I really liked apple, but the way the business has been moving to 'milk' customers really put me off them - and I was a serious apple advocate.
+Iain Wood not to forget cheaper. Plus I refuse to buy any Apple product until they fix the glitches first.
Apple has always succeeded because of innovation. Making the screen better or smaller doesn't count as an innovation.
I wish I wouldve done alittle more research on apple before I bought. Cause this no flash player just sucks. I will not buy another. What do u think is the better tablet?
I love my apple phone I feel lost without it sometimes but there are some things that were defiantly better about my htc Evo that I miss but I'm sure apple will work them out
+Michelle Oliveira  The latest version of android also does not support Flash, though there are work-arounds. If you ask me until Flash is completely dead and no long exists on the internet it should be supported on my device. Not happy with Google's decision to let Flash go. 
I think that the mobile market has room for many alternatives. Apple stock did bubble, but I don't think that this is the end of the company. I think it is funny how "cool" it is to be pessimistic about Apple right now. Just like back in the day when it was cool to trash Micro$oft, this too will pass. 

So please stop with all the "Haha (cr)Apple sux lol" lines, ok? We all get it. Apple is falling behind and Android is getting better and better with every update. The internet doesn't need more Apple hate comments. And disclaimer: I have a Note and a Nexus 7.  But I also have an iPad2 (gasp!)
Maybe word is out that Android isn't doing too bad.
+Kevin Glover sounds like you got to much money sitting around.... To me those devices are all a little redundant.... just sayin... Anyway Apple invites this sort of behavior because of how smug Steve Jobs was about the iphone at every event. Seriously, every time they release a new product they bash the competition and trash talk and act like Android is some sort of lame fad. by contrast Eric Schmidt praises apple for their ingenuity and  Jobs as one of the best things that has ever happened to tech. 
Ask apple "back to pro pc" bye bye to phone.
Yay good ridance i hope its the end for apple 
apple is a good company i hope t stays
Yup. Back to square one for them Apples. 
It's about time. I regret every purchase from apple that I have ever made. Especially the mobile products.
This is what happens when you sell the same thing for 5 years while your competition evolves
+Paul Smith-Keitley I bought two macbooks, a 3rd gen ipod touch, a fourth gen and didnt mind them, but i had a 4th gen iphone and a 5th gen recently and saw little improvement in the phone. my ipad is okay but only for games. the facebook app is still slow and itunes always wants to do everything automatically and freezes my computer.
What's with Google+ and me getting all these good news first thing at the start of the day! Haha.. Seems like investors have finally realised the uselessness of this "innovative-tech" company that us techies realised eons ago. That's good. Get over it quick and be on the side of Skynet ahem Google.. ;) 
I have had android and I still have android on my tablet. So, I'm not a fanboy.. My experience with android was terrible, it was slow, not smooth and just plain frustrating. So after that I decide to go back to apple and stay. The honest truth is apple makes well made products. (Besides the maps) My iPhone 5 doesn't lag, it doesn't freeze for a unknown period of time and I'm very happy with it. Maybe my experience with android was a bad one "Samsung galaxy note". Only time will tell for apple, but I don't see them going anywhere; anytime soon. 
My 1st apple product was the "iPod"
fell in Love,
My 2nd apple product was the "Macbook"
fell in Love again..
nuff said.
I want to see apple where they were in the late 90's
Those that don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
Ios 6 shows they are straying from Steve jobs original vision of the OS and are falling way behind on the smart phone I've used an iPhone for 5 years and ditched it for android now that none of my accessories work with the new iPhone and Google transit is gone android is now a much better phone and will be getting even better with jelly bean
BGR said it today, and they got it right, (people over believed in Apple), they thought they could do no wrong. Don't put all your apples in one basket! 
Tell me honestly you would rather a Sony to an iPhone 5 and then carry on talking.
Same question for Google. Their stock is down by the same % as Apple's since the 768 high.
the difference is that Google always plays the 5 to 10 year game where as Apple does the now game. Google announced some pretty big losses, but they just started laying fiber on their Google Fiber project and launched 3 new Nexus devices.

Google is playing a long term game, Apple is at the mercy of weather people buy all the products they just pushed out.
Bad news for the skeptics Apple market share on smartphones up from 18% to 28% now after iphone 5 launch. So, despite the supply issues emanating from the difficulty to build the phone its selling like hotcakes. The same is being said about the ipad mini. Now, the same people who were iffy about how well the stock will do are slowly starting to become 'neutral'. I guarantee that by the end of this year these people will be frolicking and putting up a new benchmark of $1500 for the stock by the next year end and all this while they were just riding the curve... these analysts are a**holes and people who listen to them are just plain stupid. 
The stock market is down as a whole, it isn't just Apple! This article is Quatch.
+Hemant Bandodkar it depends on what report you look at for the market share. There are quite a few  that show Apple losing market share not gaining it.
i still think that google should have a music app...thing...
Every Apple fan I've met does not appear to be too technically adept , not sure what that means but it mean something.
Even Google's stocks are going down,but no one seems to care. Apples stocks are going down and it seems like the whole world is on fire......
+Shreyash Nigam That is because Apple has (had?) the largest market cap in the market. Google just passed Microsoft only recently, and they may have gone back under Microsoft in terms of market cap. It's a difference also because Apple can move the NASDAQ with its weight.
Maybe if they hadn't taken away youtube and google maps with ios6, they would have better business 
"... And There's No End In Sight" is pure hyperbole. Apple's stock is undergoing a natural correction after a couple years of investors hyperventilating over it. Apple is no longer The Game Changer in mobile technology. No company can remain ahead of that fast moving train forever. But Apple is still highly relevant and competitive with excellent hardware, the best app ecosystem, improving cloud integration and a huge loyal fan base. 
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