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Anyone know where this article is?
I don't think I could ever bring myself to buy any kind of Dell. Maybe a tablet convertible, but I would probably go with a better brand even then. 
CS Wong
It would help if y'all read the article and then pass judgment. It's not about their PC business.
I have read the article, but it seems like this would be for developers only. Not the average PC user.
Let's wait and see what happens. Hopefully DELL will eventually drag itself out of the swamp.
+OpenShift seems better since it is real and production capable. Dell's offering seems to be in preview status. 
The message the article gave me was that the "strategy" for PaaS worked. Dell faces some management and progress issues, in my opinion.

How much of a market reach will PaaS have?

Is it something that will appeal to a large amount of people or is it a very narrow market that is more appealing to people looking for simplistic app development and outsourcing?
no going to go mac all the way this time around built in the usa
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