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Why is this story on G+? That's like advertising a gourmet hamburger to a bunch of vegans.
G+'s failure to integrate blogging capability like this is going to harm it in the long run...I'm sure Google has something up its sleeve in this domain, but it's taking waaaay too long to implement it.  Having Facebook appear as the innovator, with Google following is going to harm its ability to tempt people away
So whom shall we follow that shows G+ love?
+Jamie Patmore I actually find it really easy to integrate my +Blogger account with G+. In fact the +Google Chrome Plugin is pretty awesome!! If anything they need to get a deeper integration with it so people can see that they're pulling all their services together!
Blogging from a bunch of me,me,me people.....great. :P
+Aaron Veverka +Paul Jewkes yeah, I agree the Blogger integration's getting there (with a few glaring omissions such as being able to auto post to a page rather then your global account, having the comments from the blog post and the G+ post the same etc)...but it doesn't cater for other platforms such as Wordpress, Tumblr etc.  Google seem to be suffering from the same syndrome that Apple have toward Safari...a stubborn refusal to accept that other platforms do that role better, and so people use them in preference to your own product
+Jamie Patmore I agree that G+ needs to do a better job of  integrating other platforms, however I believe that it's a matter of preference rather then someone doing something better. I choose to blog from blogger, I tried other platforms, didn't like them as much, so I stuck with Blogger.

But yeah, I use Tumblr a little here and there as well because it's nice to not be stuck to 140 characters. But like I said, it's a preference type of thing. For what it's worth I spend more time here then other platforms.
+Aaron Veverka I'd like to see G+ actually become a blogging capable product of its own...with the ability to format posts like articles, multiple pictures, wrapping text, more text formatting options etc...and then provide the ability to tag, categorise etc  posts so that people could search for your posts from your profile page based on categories and whatnot.  We'll see if that ever happens
Like the ideas I'm hearing about blogger integration with Google+. Hope Google is listening. 
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