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RIM numbers are in, and it ain't pretty.
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That was a great video, I enjoyed it very much, Yolanda Chapman
Then why is the stock up 9% in after hour trading?
So these are their Q3 2013 results huh? Guess the world is not going to end TC.
The stock is up because they think that the company will be stabilized and that RIM will be fine. A relaunch of a whole company and a whole technology is tough. 
+James Martinez for me and my stock it is $$$.  I own a android.  But like the double in stock price.  May have another double too go.
I think RIM's renaissance is just around the corner. Deluded I may be, but watching clips of the new OS, flow has convinced me that it means business.
Some people say its too late, I beg to differ.
Create the competition RIM.
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