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as much as I loved my crackberry I am very happy with my droid phone and refuse to step back with technology
damnnnnn those specs make my head hurt. 320x240. what is this, 2007?
How's this a bad deal? There are people out there that would buy a budget smartphone with qwerty keyboard. My grandmother being one of them. She doesn't care about the latest os or app. She wants to message maybe check into Facebook and light browsing online. It's a bad deal for people like us but not for all. 
+Fernando Maldonado it's a bad deal because by the time it hit the stores BB10 will be announced making it dead on arrival. or something. And we're not talking about an incremental update either (eg iphone). BB10 is years beyond BB7. 

edit: even grandma deserves a faster "light browsing" when it's gonna be available if she waits a month or so.
They are out of their minds. 
+Peter Warrior here's a slogan: "For all Wall Streeters to reminisce on your pre-2008 days."


"For all grandma's light browsing needs."
Tmobile, Good luck with that dying didinosaur 
Smartphones are enjoyed by smart people. Phones like this are enjoyed by people that want to be smart. 
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