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Think she is the only one wearing these glasses that actually looks good. Everyone else ends up looking like a dork or cyborg.
i want it, hope google will sell it in europe
@Silva: Glass would be painful, but the girl is better in my opinion ! :)
Let's hope they stock better than the nexus 4. Otherwise there will probably be riots.
Very cool but why 1500$ for the dev kit? No lte and this does not need quad core ARM or tegra chipset to run. The hardware is cheap 130-200$
If Google what this to be a success they need to eat up the developing cost and give the hardware to glasses makers at 130$ then the different glasses makers can add150-200$ more and make this a hit.
What about the eyeglass wearing community? It's nonsense wearing Google glass over or under your normal glasses. 
Prices goes lower within competition, nothing to worry about, i like it mostly on long multi-tasking drive....
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