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The reality of the global messaging market: it’s really freaking fragmented -
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wish they had included SMS into the mix -- and gchat
How many jobs this industry can support with fragmented market? How many jobs it can support with integration of these fragments into one big company?

I opt for fragmented market, because it provides more jobs. Yes, we pay higher price for texting, but this is worthwhile to pay for a greater good.
Interesting. I started looking into +GroupMe and would like to try it out. Anyone else have one that they use?
As soon as Facebook acquire Whatsapp, then IMHO there will be a surge of transfer to GTalk, (or other alternative) Viber. It happened on the Instagram and Lightbox acquistion, which open to another opportunity for Streamzoo and EyeEm. The user claimed that they have facebook for another purpose, and don't like the idea of integration. - Just a cent worth  
iMessage? Probably not large outside US though
Whats the purpose of a messaging app if you can't talk to your friends who have different preferences in OS? If a company can't respect difference of opinion or more competition or choices, I will never use its service. I hope it won't launch a social networking site to determine with whom we can be friends with depending on the platform we are.
My question is what are they all messaging about in Europe, the economic crisis or....?
+Praveen K you can still talk to people with different OS's. Its just sent as a text message. 

the advantage is if the person is also on the same OS the message is free. The purpose of any messaging app is the same regardless if its for a different OS. 

also its not disrespecting another opinion its just making a service for their customers. a company really has no duty to make a messaging service for anyone but its customers (although it can be beneficial for the company).

lastly it doesnt determine your friends. Fallacy of the slippery slope
Wow, did not realize Whatsapp is so popular around the world. Wonder why not in the US, Too many alternatives or ?
+Justin Oroz I don't think it makes a difference in what format it goes to. Both services (cross platform and propriety messaging services) needs internet and sends it as a message or chat. 

I disagree with your advantage. Messaging is free for cross platform services too. Purpose of the messaging app is to send message to friends, and it should be able to do irrespective of what platform he uses, so platform doesn't come between their frequency of interaction.

I agree. May be its not disrespecting someones opinion. But it obviously restricts someones options (read propriety). To use watsapp on BB, people in my country has to pay close to $8 every month. Samsung has its own chat app, but atleast it cares to make it cross platform FOR FREE. (I don't own any samsung products btw).

It doesn't. I said I "hope" it doesn't determine. Thing is, I won't be surprised if they tried to. I believe in choices, openness and cross platform tools. Fallacy, facts or opinion, are just perspectives.
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