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More than privacy controls, Facebook needs our trust to keep growing -
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Sorry, but you can't have it, facebook. :P
I wouldn't trust facebook to take care of my goldfish.
y do we care about facebook growing on G+?
The funny part is I stumbled soon this looking for a way to video chat across platforms and I use it more then Facebook and nobody I know even uses it. I get a lot of news tech info and stuff on here I've been trying to get people I know to switch over. Or at least have both 
A lot of people don't want it for the fact they are on older phones with minimal enternal memory space and it is a big app 
you dont have to be on a phone to use it. u can use phones, tablets, laptops and desktops
Implying that any possible growth isn't due to people making fake accounts to counter their "privacy" choices!
Social media relies on authenticity to be powerful, whenever that is compromised the value of social media is also compromised.
how can we trust someone that does this>
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